Written by Pamela- February 2011 - I have just discovered Catt on twitter (and I don't even know if Catt is her real name)

I don't usually write introduction to people before we are in contact - but I checked Catt's blog and was interested in what she wrote. I liked her analysis of changes in the kinds of interactions that are going on. I loved seeing her area of interest.

From the little I have so far had time to read, she strikes me as  a reflective practitioner active in the kind of areas that fascinate me. She is thinking and writing about dynamic people-to-people-stuff - socio-tech trends - our changing relationhips with the online spaces, and the information flowing there, and each other, and emerging patters of online behaviour.

I don't spend long on twitter so I could eaily lose track of her, despite following her. That's why I decided to write this introduction.

 Southern Humboldt Conceptual Artist:: Futurist and Mobile Kids strategist. Bioregional hive mind weaver. http://cattavery.com

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