(Contributed by Pamela) The Catalyst System is described in the film "Coalition of the Willing" as follows:" social-networking site designed to crystallize the global movement for change.....to put you in touch with real-world projects, locally, nationally and all over the planet. There is GPS technology giving you a graphic representation of where projects are located .... zero-in to find out more about the people involved. ... Use the classified feature to find grants and sponsors, then link up with like minded people and not-for-profits campaigning for change."

On a practical level we see the Catalyst System as helping us to find people and resources to actually implement projects. They would find us through the information we posted at the Open Innovation Centre  We are already working towards our online visibility with the project details that we post on www.dadamac.net and all the work that Marcus Simmons and Jim Guy have done to record local information while implementing projects at Attachab.


from their Dadamac profile