(Written by Pamela) Bala is one of my friends from Fantsuam. We have known each other for years and I value him for many different reasons (including his technical support, his deep insights when I try to analyse some mismatch between what I am trying to teach and what people are actually learning - and his agreement with me on the need for a high level response on finding a large cockroach).

I am not sure of his title - but he is in charge of Zittnet - "Appropriate power and ICTs for the developing world".

Zittnet is Nigeria's first rural community wirelss network. As well as managing the Internet side of things, Bala's work with Zittnet includes very practical experience of solar power and managing a dual electircity supply. He is also experimenting wth solar energy in hiw own home.

He has wide ranging vision for what he wants to achieve on the ground, with regard to rural internet connectivity, power generation and permaculture.

from their Dadamac profile