Written by Pamela - I met Ben through his MeetUp group (The Open Computing Initiative - TOCI) on March 25th 2011. I introduced him (and other TOCI people - Jeremy and Ranjit) to Coalition of the Willing. (CotW)

They were interested so I quickly took them over to the CotW Breezy Tavern - an ongoing skype chat. We found Charley Quiton there. Then we fixed a skype voice chat so Charley could welcome the TOCI trio into CotW. I thought Charley could give them a better welcom than I could as TOCI trio and Charley are all more techie than me (i'm socio-tech). Also it was good for the newcomers to join straight in with CotW online and get a feeling for its trans-national culture - Charley was in Kentucky and we were in London.

from their Dadamac profile