Written by Pamela - I have not met Bankole Taiwo but I came across his blog on May 17th 2011 when he started to follow me on Twitter (he's @Bankoletaiwo).

I checked his profile and a current blog entry and found he had written:

"........the Uneducated Youths from the Northern region instead of using the power of education to re-model their strategies and also check-and-balance their possible mistakes, they went blindly into the street to start killing innocent citizens mostly corpers who had participated as presiding officers for the elections. If only this young people were educated, their ignorance would have been killed. One question that keeps coming to my mind is who will remove the scales from the eyes of the Uneducated?

This is a call to NGO’s, CBO’s, CSO’s NFP’s etc to find a means of leaving already educated regions and move into local communities where their impact can be felt more readily. Move out of your space and educate someone today on something New...."

It seems we have huge overlapping interests - both with Dadamac's initiatives in Nigeria and with the Dadamacadamy. I hope we will connect up sometime.

Lagos Nigeria

from their Dadamac profile