Dadamac Profile: 

Written by Pamela - I met Andy in 2009 at a meet-up organised by Dougald Hine and Mark Charmer. Our paths crossed at subsequent meet-ups and at Tuttle.  When Mark wanted me to do a brief video in haste I wondered if Andy might be able to help me out.

I soon discovered that Andy had a myriad of talents and skills and was just the person I needed to help me to develop I have vision for this site which is kind of hybird of website (for visibility) and social networking site where the emerging dadamac community will find a welcoming online home/office/drop-in-spot. However before that can happen the way that I see it there are quie a few things that I need to learn and sort out.

Andy has been working patiently with Nikki and me  -

  • accepting our "non-tech" explanations of how we want information to flow around the site
  • listening to our descriptions of things that we connect with online and in Africa - things that we want to make visible here
  • telling us what should be happening next
  • helping to build our skills so we can do as he suggests
  • doing a myriad of other things, often at very short notice, that support dadamac in its journey towards visbility and demonstating its ideas, vision, knowledge and networks
  • helping us to start creating our online home for the dadamac community


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