Dadamac on the Internet

The key to Dadamac's success is its use of the Internet, and the way it connects people in UK and Africa who know and trust each other. Through years of experience we know how to make the Internet work for us. We are always willing to try new things - but the things we really use are the things that prove their worth.
Back in 2000 we were very limited:

  • We were only using email
  • Our people in Nigeria were all making long journeys to the nearest cyber cafe.
  • Phones were rare, only owned by big organisations or elites, and limited to landlines in the cities.   

Now things are very different:

  • John Dada's community work has brought a VSAT and community wireless network to Kafanchan
  • All our key people (in Nigeria and other countries) have mobile phones
  • Some of our African contacts have dial-up Internet connections in their homes
  • Others access the Internet through their mobile phones
  • Each week we hold various UK-Nigeria online meetings for our Dadamac people and projects
  • Photos and video are playing an increasing role
  • We have experience of audio-graphic conferencing and other communication tools
  • More importantly, we have worked on the "people side" of online communication, so we can collaborate effectively and make the most of online opportunites.

Gradually we are pulling together our online work, making it visible, and enabling more people to work with us.

Work with us in the way that suits you best