Manchok Massacre #ProtectOurPeople

MORE than 100 Nigerian men, women and children have been hacked to death in their sleep by thugs wielding machetes, a highly trusted source has reported.

The atrocity occurred in March 2014 in Manchok, Kaduna State, and we are reliably informed it followed a series of similar scorched earth attacks across the middle belt of the country.

As with the campaign #BringBackOurGirls, neither local or national  Governments have shown any interest or capability of investigating this gruesome attack. Shockingly,  Reuben Buhari – a journalist  who released photos of the massacre - was arrested and has now lost his job.

So it has fallen upon the communities themselves to seek and demand justice.

They have set up self-help committees and collected the horrifying photos and are attempting to identify body parts etc. However, they lack properly organised and sophisticated forensics and desperately require the wider and global community to come together to help with the documentation of evidence.

They have their suspicions regarding the identity of the perpetrators, but want to present hard unbiased  evidence that will stand up to the rigorous scrutiny of the court as they pursue justice both for the dead and for those who survived but were witness to this atrocity.

If you can help or know of organisations who can assist in gathering and documenting this evidence with the aim of prosecuting those responsible please contact us

We have passed the above information to the Nigerian Team of Amnesty International Secretariat and have asked for their advice and support.

Please join Dadamac in raising awareness and supporting in any way you can. On twitter we will be using #ProtectOurPeople