#dadamac unconference - january 2015

Saturday 10th January 2015 is the provisional date for the #dadamac unconference.

The unconference will provide the space for anyone and everyone with a past, present or future interest in Dadamac to join us in creating and launching the new version of Dadamac Foundation - see We got it wrong - now we're getting it right.

Dadamac's work is based on effective communication channels (making the most of the Internet and smart phones). It has grown out of friendships and people helping people, and has grown into an online community. It's a responsive organisation that has taken shape in response to requests and suggestions from the people who are the "changemakers".  Our changemakers are mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

See Dadamac Foundation's holding page for a short video interview with John Dada, the changemaker whose work in Nigeria led to where we are now, and inspired where we want to go in 2015.

The UK side of Dadamac started with Pamela McLean (who was living in "bandwidth rich" London, and therefore could put her Intenet access to good use on behalf of "bandwidth poor" friends in Nigeria). This is how she describes her relationship with Dadamac 

For fourteen years, it's been my privilege to be included in cultures that are dramatically  different to my own. It has been, and continues to be, a wonderful learning experience. My life has been so enriched (in non-financial terms) that ... (for full post see Trial and learning - freedom from the fear of failure)

The #dadamac unconference is your invitation to find out more and to get involved in what ever way suits your interests and objectives in 2015. Expect it to be an inspirational way to start the new year.