Collage-network - The Age of Collaboration

Collage-network is a UK based social business addressing the challenges of unemployment.

The initiators:

Nikki Fishman and Pamela McLean are co-founders and directors of Collage-Network

Wrte-up by

Pamela McLean July 2012

The backstory:

Nikki and I know each other well through collaborating on Dadamac. In 2011 we discovered a shared concern for what was happening to people who were being made redundant (and also those who were struggling to enter the world of work for the first time).

The catalyst:

We saw a TV programme called "Finished at Fifty?". We were angry about the unrealistic advice being given to the participatns who had been made redundant. We decided to do something.


The ongoing story:

(July 2012) We're on a steep learning curve. From the responses that we're getting we're convinced this is worth doing. So far we are doing it all from our own resources. We are reading things up, trying things out, and getting all the advice we can. We're putting in an application to the RSA Catalyst programme - and if that is successful then we'll have wise help and guidance.


Probably the best way to keep track of our collaborators will be through Collage-network's Website and Facebook and Twitter. Although we are keeping dadamac and collage-network separate in some ways there is a lot of overlap (especially regarding shared learning, and "waya of doing things"),

Future vision:

it is about people making opportunities to create value together - financial value or social value. We believe it starts by getting to know each other, and looking out for each others interests, and doing small, low-risk things that develop trust and undersatnding of who can do what. We are startign small locally and with as online presence.

The vision  will become visible through the website and in our local group as we demonstrate what we mean and grow the Collage-network.

Learning issues

I've been observing  and thinking about aspects of change for some time:

Collage-network is where Nikki and I are putting some of the key ideas into practice.