Collaborators connect and climate change

Whatever you believe about climate change, there is no denying:

  1. We live on a finite planet and so it makes sense to live in harmony with it, rather than to keep raiding its non-renewable resources.
  2. Samwel Kongere, from the collaborators connect group, has shared a pressing local problem with us relating to unusual weather - lack of rain.
  3. The Internet enables us to form new "communites of interest" where groups of people can come together to "rub minds".
  4. Collaborators connect is one such group.
  5. "A problem shared is a problem halved" so even if there is no "solution" there might be some easing of the problem by collaborating around it.

This initiative invites people to be part of collaborators connect, to be open to each other about these realities, and do ...  something.

I don't know what to do (I'm Pamela McLean) but at least if I make a space available and tell people about it that will be a start. I am also looking around at what we have been saying related to climate change and collaboration in recent months and adding the links below. Maybe that will help us to find some starting points.

Dadamcac strives to work in an open and transparent way, while also acknowledging that some levels of detail are not appropriate to share out of context. We welcome people to our groups as active participants or simply to learn what is going on. We normally work here under our "real names" - the same names that we use when we are off the Internet . We respect privacy  and it is your choice how much you share in the way of contact detais.

Email to express your interest in this initiative or, better still, go to and express your interest there.

This initiative was published on on April 15th 2011.