Climate Change

This initiative is to bring together Dadamac things related to climate change, initially for the benefit of Coalition of the Willing. The initiative was set up by me, Pamela McLean when Charley Quinton started to act as an information channel between and Coalition of the Willing's ProM project.

Charley and I will us this space to work together. It's a bit of an experiment for Dadamac, as we haven't used one of our initiative spaces as a shared working space in quite this way before.

I anticipate that we will be working in two fairly obviously different roles. I will be concerned with bringing information to Charley (any Dadamac information that has some relationship to climate change) and he will be concerned with presenting it in a way that is relevant to CotW.

However this initiative isn't just about the information content. It's also about what we will learn by working together online on this initiative. Charley brings a technical perspective and I bring a socio-technical one. Charley is in USA and I am in UK. We have never met.