Solar training in India - could we connect?

Hi Vijay

Thanks for the telling me about three women from Africa getting trained in making and installing solar lamps at a training course at the Barefoot College in Rajasthan  I am trying to think what you already know about dadamac's current interests in solar power. I'll just mention a few things in case we have not discussed them before.

Feelings about faceboook and twitter

Hi Vijay

I was interested to read your impressions of social media - and glad you enjoyed the twitter session. (All the teaching tips are in the Second Thursday twitter session achive. ) It was the first time we have tried anything quite like that - just a handful of us agreeing to meet onine to learn about something as specific as twitter (Second Thursday twitter session invitation).

Do you still like Facebook?

I joined Facebook because Chris Macrae often sent me information that I wanted to read - but increasingly he sent it through Facebook. For a while I just ignored information sent that way, but in the end I joined. Then I looked at Chris' list of friends - and was intersted to find people I knew.. so I looked at their friends and so on. But I never became an enthusiast. When I do go there it just seems too full of stuff that I really don't have time to plough through.

First Thursday - aims and practicalities

Hi Vijay

Welcome back. Thanks for your helpful feedback on your First Thursday experience. You raise many good points and I would like to address them all very seriously. I suggest that we take our time to explore them all in more detail, so in this post I will give an overall response and suggest some structure for our discussions.

What Should First Thursday Aim to Do?

Hi Pam,

It feels good to be back on Dadamac after a long time. The other day, you asked me about my views on the latest First Thursday, in which I tried to participate but could not do much. And I wrote the reason for that in a recent blog comment. Here goes:

"For one, I was having a problem with the Net connection on the First Thursday. And also, to be frank, I just could not connect with the agenda. I felt like a total stranger, groping in the dark.

This is not to belittle the thought and efforts behind First Thursday, but I would ideally like to participate in a lively interaction and exchange of ideas, where I get enriched by the knowledge flow and (try to) enlighten somebody else with whatever little I know.

This time, I felt things were getting quite listless. And I hope I am wrong. For the next chat, can we talk on a couple of topics or more, so that there are enough talking points.

A lot of time gets wasted on pleasantries--and before one gets to focus on the topic, the discussion veers off in some other direction. So as an anchor, you might have to take the tough line, and make participants tow the line.


Hi Vijay

Sorry you could not make it to February First Thursday, but I know you are very busy at present. You would have met some interesting people including members of the Dadamac team in Nigeria. It would have been interesting to compare some of the eco-developments there, such as growing Jatrohpa, with what is happening in India

I mention Jatropha because at our UK-Nigeria meeting yesterday we were told that "we are raising a nursery of 2000 jathropha palnts we intend to transplant when the rains begin"

Issues ref Developing-Country Livestock

Hi Vijay

Given your interest in food security and wider issues surrounding it you may like to see this video about Climate Food and Developing-Country Livestock Farmers ILRI film:

In my mind it connects with John's vision for a model farm development at Attachab Eco-village and why it is important to develop models of good practice and effective ways to share them.

Of course at Fantusam Foudation many initiatives are inter-related, so this is also relevant to the idea Cicely was promoting for helping farmers through the Internet services provided by Zittnet. (You may remember this idea and our excitement around trying to win some serious prize money which I covered in my blog.)


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