Zittnet - Rural Connectivity at Fantsuam

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Dishes at FantsuamDadamac could not have come into being without the Internet connectivity provided by Zittnet. Zittnet ("Appropriate power and ICTs for the developing world") is a social business that came into being under the wing of Dadamac's sister organisation Fantsuam Foundaton.

Update from Zitmast

We have been anxious about loosing our clients as a result of the disaster of the mast.

The man who constructed our last mast has refused to visit us since the event, anyway Ochuko has done a full study of the lapses of that construction which he sent to you.
After a lengthy search and consultations we have been able to find someone else, through one of our Board Members, to build a new mast for us. He gave us a bill of N1.2 Million. Other construction costs such as excavation, setting the foundation with concrete mix (sand, gravel, cement, transport, labour) was an additional N300,000.00. Cost of local government permit , N100,000. Total cost for the new tower is N1.6 Million = UKP7,200). The repair and reconstruction of damaged buildings of classroom and neighbour's home has cost us N105,000 (UKP470.00). Total cost of the damages (Mast + buildings) = UKP7,200 + UKP470.00 = UKP7,670.00.  ZittNet has applied for a loan for this sum at a low interest charge from the microfinance department for these constructions.



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