Wednesday Meeting

John sent his apologies for this week’s online meeting - but had a very good excuse! For as the UK and Nigeria teams staged their weekly virtual get-together, he was 120 kms away from Kafanchan screening local children for potentially deadly Sickle Cell Disease. However this didn’t stop John contributing to the meeting as he sent an email which gave his input for each of the topics on the agenda.

Radio Panelist UN Sickle Cell Awareness Day

John has just sent me an update and a photo about the UN Sickle Cell awareness day that he and Fantsuam Foundation organised.

John tells that:
"We had a radio panel discussion yesterday (18th) and the feedbacks we got were very encouraging.

The TV Panel discussion was recorded in open air. We had two genetic counsellors, two parents and a sickle cell patient on the panel to share experiences and raise awareness about tomorrow's event.

Fantsuam Foundation's UN Sickle cell Day : A Witness' account

This is Cicely's (VSO volunteer at FF) edited account of the UN Sickle Cell Awareness event which Fantsuam Foundation was instrumental in organising.

"Sickle Cell Anaemia – these are words which most Britons will recognise. In fact I’m sure they would be recognised by most societies that have large population of West Africans. Except perhaps in Kafanchan, or indeed much of rural Nigeria.

Sickle Cell Disease: UN Global Awareness Plans

SICKLE Cell Disease is an agonising blood condition which affects one in every four West Africans. While it is generally controlled in the western world, a lack of medication and funding in Africa means that victims will regularly die.


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