Foundation, furniture and photos

In rural Nigeria when you need new furniture you don't go online or pop  Making a tableround to the nearest Ikea for a flat-pack. You employ a local carpenter to buy some wood and make the furniture that you need.

The Knowledge Resource Centre was in need of furniture it could call its own, and this was mentioned at a recent UK-Nigeria team meeting.

New Foundations for Hiv/Aids and Rural Connectivity at Fantsuam

Thanks to VSO volunteer Cicely for this news from our partner organisation Fantsuam foundation.

This week Fantsuam has started work on three new construction projects at its Bayan Loco compound in Kafanchan, Kaduna State.


Fantsuam partner ICAP will be providing food items as part of its nutritional support programme for people living with HIV/AIDS.  The new store will ensure that supplies are kept fresh and secure for maximum benefits to recipients.  It is also intended that the store will serve as a pilot for grain storage programmes to help agricultural microfinance clients make better use of seasonal fluctuations by storing produce when prices are high, rather than selling all when the market is depressed.

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate.

Question: What is the connection between a camera  course, Academia-Practitioner collaboration, a site inspection at Ungwa Rimi, a tractor, and a solar powered telephone battery charger?  Answer: They are all items of concern to the Dadamac UK-Nigeria team and featured in our online meeting this week. They are all a part of Dadamac's obsession with connecting, communicating and collaborating – and its roots in rural development.

Highlights from July 1st team meeting

The meeting

The Dadamac weekly team meeting is a Skype meeting (typed chat) that links the team in UK and Nigeria. Its format is simple. An agenda is circulated beforehand. There is a chairman to move the meeting on through the agenda. It is okay for several people to type at the same time.  We try to limit the meetings to one hour.  Even if people have sent apoplogies they are still invited to the meeting, so they will be able to read the archive. A summary of the meeting is made available afterwards. Although people are scattered around various offices on two continents it works well.

One strong benefit of online meetings over F2F (Face to Face) is the "death of distance". On July 1st John Dada was out of the office - far out of the office - in Argentina. But he still joined the meeting and took the chair. He often travels and has atteded Dadamac meetings from various Africa countries - but this was the first time a Dadamac team meeting had input from three continents. Fortunately John is an early riser. Team meetings are 11.00 Nigerian time, 10.00 GMT - and considerably earlier in Argentina.


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