ICT4D - Nigeria, a ginger crop and the Internet

I've been reading "Development and ICT4D - Too many pilot projects and not enough regular service" Amongst the stories of failures and success were references to helping farmers. This reminded me of Veronica (who is a teacher and a farmer in rural Nigeria). I thought I would share the story of her experience of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

Trying to prevent a famine

The second half of this week’s UK-Nigeria weekly online meeting took a slight departure from the norm as we invited Ray who, in his own words, explained that he has “ a 20 year commitment to supporting violence reduction work and agriculture/climate change work/famine prevention in West Africa”.

This experience is of significant to John Dada and his team who are looking to develop an integrated plan that addresses the roots of the conflicts in Kafanchan and Jos. John is also currently seeking supports/funds for his latest intervention which is aimed at “Preparing for the Hunger Months in Kafanchan: aftermath of sectarian crisis”
During our meeting John shared a document pertaining to this with us and below I have extracted some of the main points.

Fantsuam Foundation has been working in this region since 2001, with its 35 Full time staff: 22 national Volunteers. Fantsuam Foundation, is located in Bayanloco, a peri-urban slum of Kafanchan, Kaduna State, but our activities and our vision extend beyond Kafanchan toward the whole of Kaduna State.

Famine Prevention Project - visibility

Project is Active: 

The background and current situation

On April 18th 2011, post-election violence broke out in five of the communities where the NGO, Fantsuam Foundation operates, resulting in large scale loss of lives, livelihoods and properties. Fantsuam Foundation has significant microfinance activities and provided shelter, food and clothes for over 200 people on the first day of the violence. Women and children form the bulk of people displaced and traumatised by this event.

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