Learning about Permaculture

A continued focus of our weekly online UK/Nigeria meetings has been the subject of permaculture.

This was not a word or principle I had come across often in my day-to-day life in South London.

However over the past two years I have been lucky enough to begin to learn more about it -  and to appreciate the importance of designing the proposed model farm at Attachab along the principles it dictates.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children - visibility

Project is Active: 
Our sister organisation, Fantsuam Foundation, in North Central rural Nigeria, runs an Orphans and Vulnerable Childrens Programme (OVCs) which includes the following:
  • Micro Enterprise Training for child carers: A collaboration with USAID
  • The Street Children/Almajirai food programme

Phones and Fantsuam

Yesterday's online UK/Nigeria meeting saw several exciting developments. First and foremost was the news that Fantsuam has reached agreement to broadcast its radio signal through the communication towers of Nigerian Telecoms company NITEL.

Because these towers are much bigger and higher than those currently used, Fantsuam will now be able to serve a far wider area! In fact ,Fantsuam will be able to mount it's equipment on masts in Kafanchan and Zonkwa which will enable them to reach distances of up to 70kms.

Also as a result of the meeting between these organisations, the telecoms company has asked Zittnet to become its wholesaler for bandwidth. Which sounds very impressive and I have yet to fully understand the implications of this :-)

Initially, the phone market will operate only within Kafanchan. However, the long-term goal is for Fantsuam Foundation to eventually serve Southern Kaduna state.

Stoves and Juicers: protecting the environment and livelihoods

Most meals in rural Nigeria are cooked over open wood fires. This is simple and familiar. Traditionally fuel has been cheap and fairly easy to find.

However demand for firewood has increased in line with population growth. As trees are cut down the environment suffers from deforestation, soil loss and eventual desertification. There is also increasing awareness of the damage to health caused by wood smoke, especially when cooking takes place indoors.

New Foundations for Hiv/Aids and Rural Connectivity at Fantsuam

Thanks to VSO volunteer Cicely for this news from our partner organisation Fantsuam foundation.

This week Fantsuam has started work on three new construction projects at its Bayan Loco compound in Kafanchan, Kaduna State.


Fantsuam partner ICAP will be providing food items as part of its nutritional support programme for people living with HIV/AIDS.  The new store will ensure that supplies are kept fresh and secure for maximum benefits to recipients.  It is also intended that the store will serve as a pilot for grain storage programmes to help agricultural microfinance clients make better use of seasonal fluctuations by storing produce when prices are high, rather than selling all when the market is depressed.


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