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Back from Streaming Sharing and Learning

I am back from the Video Bridge  Streaming Sharing and Learning workshop in Vienna. Over the next few days I will be reflecting on what went on, looking for patterns, and seeing how things might continue in ways that are relevant (both to the Dadamac community and to me as a learner). This may result in a flurry of blogs - if it does please forgive me.

At the workshop Franz did a great job of enabling the participants to become a community. The participants all represented communities of some kind.

Franz ran a video bridge session, linking us with a group in Graz. He used TV quaility technology which gave us an idea of how distance link-ups may move on from our usual Skyping etc.

Jakub made a good point that when we went back - back to our communities, and back to presently avaliable technology - our next step would be to make a community of communities.

Pushing up Farm Productivity

Dear Pam,

Here is an interesting piece on the role that pulses and oilseeds play in nutritional security. Though the article talks about the state of Indian agriculture, it has some interesting points on increasing agricultural productivity.

In order to progress, the mindset with regard to the following two factors needs to change, says Dr Lux Lakshmanan, Director, California Agriculture Consulting Service. Factor no 1: It is not the farmer who makes the food: he is only a facilitator. Food is actually made by plants. Since plants do not talk, their needs are understood through research and experimentation. Factor no 2: The mindset that assumes that breeding is the solution to all maladies has to change. Nurturing of plants is several times more important in crop productivity improvement than hybrid seeds per se.

Visiting Fantsuam

Hi Vijay

I'm delighted you are interested in visiting Africa. Somehow I had assumed that (as you live in India and you are interested in development) your main interest would be development in India.

It is much easier for me to support you as a Dadamac Learner and have discussions with you, and send you items to read etc, if I only need to think of relevance to Africa, or world-wide (rather than wondering if there is any relevance to India).


Hi Vijay

I enjoyed our online chat the other day. You suggested we should share it - but I protested that I had made too many typos. Now you have edited them out and sent it to me - so here it is for anyone to see. Andy suggested including it in our Open Letters. Later, if we get more conversations we can bring them together somewhere. I like the title you chose:

The Strength of 

Launching our discussion forum

We have launched our discussion forum. Now it will be easy for people to join in discussions here. Now can gradually become an active online space for the growing Dadamac community.

To join in all you have to do is go to the discussion forum link choose the discussion topic that interests you and add any comments you like. You can reach the discussion forum link from any page; it is under the heading "get involved".

Moving in - Useful Links

I am looking at my email inbox and thinking what emails I should choose to reply to as I "move in" to my space here at As I look, I realise that I will probably be making reference to information published on the Internet within my replies. This means it would be helpful to have the relevant links easily to hand.


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