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Dadamac Connect is a social business set up by its co-founders Pamela McLean and Nicola Fishman on the 1st September 2014.

Dadamac Connect is

 a membership organisation

 a supportive and questioning community

 peer to peer learning & learn by doing

a reflective space

offers analasis and helps you make sense of the changing world around you

Your annual £10 fee enables you to access the knowledge and networks of the co-founders

As a founder member you will:

receive a membership card

CDE, Alternative Academia, and me.

I have benefitted greatly, in my thinking and knowledge, through attending the lunchtime seminars organised by CDE (the Centre for Distance Education) at London University. This week it was a workshop: Finding and Evaluating Open Educational Resources. If the topic of OERs interests you then the link is well worth clicking. It includes a useful slide share of the presentation that happened before we did our practical.

Humpty Dumpty, words, gestures, and me.

Pamela McLean and David Pinto: An Exploration of the future through a mixture of fact and fiction.

in "Alice in Wonderland" -  or maybe "Through the Looking Glass" -  Alice is exasperated by Humpty Dumpty. It's all about the way he's using language. Humpty insists on using words  to mean what he chooses them to mean - never mind what they mean to other people.

I'm with Humpty Dumpty on that.

I can see his point.

It's hard enough to find words to capture enough meaning to explain things to myself. Maybe I should stop worrying if the words mean something different to other people. People have different cultural reference points. Words are rooted in individual experiences. We construct our own meaning as we live our lives  - even the simple words "parent", "school", "breakfast"  - are deeply rooted in our personal lives and times and cultures. As for using words to share ideas ...  maybe we are even crazy to try.

We don't think in words do we? We think in thoughts. And those thoughts don't come in straight lines – they come through connections. That's why it's such a struggle to express thoughts in a linear way, when inside you they are all churning and bubbling, connecting and exploding, combining, reforming, doing whatever it is that thoughts do when you're thinking them (or maybe, in fact, the thoughts are simply using order to get themselves thought) anyhow they just do whatever it is that thoughts and ideas do when they are happening.

It's hard putting things into words.

I can drive people crazy when I talk.

I keep failing to provide a linear narrative. i start sentences and don't end them. I interrupt myself. I seem incapable of choosing between what people must know, what they should know, and what they could know.  I wave my  arms around. (I wave them around when I'm on the phone as well. I can't think out loud without using my hands.)

Dadamacadamy learner's diary–Pamela: May 2011

if you've read earlier episodes of the Dadamacadamy story then you'll know that I'm a Dadamac learner at the Dadamacadamy. There is no accreditation for Dadamac learners. Instead of accreditation there is the opportunity to develop a digital footprint that serves as evidence of learning - a kind of learning profile.

Dadamacadamy–dream or reality–an action research project

My dream for the Dadamacadamy  is that it will become a centre for research and learning. This is already starting to happen in a small way.

The Dadamacadamy will not provide taught courses. It will do three interrelated things:

  1. Provide an environment for practice-based learning and reflection.
  2. Create a repository of knowledge.
  3. Make available its knowledge and networks through collaborative research and consultancy.

Provide an environment for practice based learning and reflection.

People who have shared concerns will cluster together in the Dadamacadamy to consider what they're doing, and to share what they are learning. The Dadamacadamy will enable peer-based learning of the highest order - driven, not by a desire for accreditation, but by passionate concerns and the need to know.

Create a repository of knowledge.

The knowledge that people bring, and the new knowledge that they create together,  will be collected together at Dadamacadamy and made freely available.

Starting a new Dadamac OK project - SCD with People's Uni

Dadamac and People's Uni have joined forces to develop a Sickle Cell Disease course. This is coming about in typical Dadamac "responding to need" fashion. The description below serves two purposes. It introduces the way things happen in Dadamac. It provides possible collaborators with an idea of where we are now and the steps we are taking.

Dadamac Learning - Twitter

So... how is the Internet actually changing opportunities to learn? Does the phrase "death of distance" really mean anything? Here's a quick example from this afternoon (February 25th) when John Iruaga who was in Nigeria sent his first Tweet, helped via Skype by Andy Broomfield who was in the UK. It was a spontaneous bit of teaching. It happened simply because Andy was sitting next to me, working on his laptop, when I bumped into John Iruaga on Skype.

i knew that John Dada had asked John Iruaga to find out about social networking, so Twitter was on his learning agenda. True tweeters may think the whole thing is totally intuitive - but I, for one, didn't find it so. When I first went to Twitter I had never seen any one else Tweeting and had no idea what to expect. When I logged in (because someone told me I should) I had no clue what I was trying to do or why. I went round in circles a few times and ended up none the wiser. I knew that John Iruaga, like me, would start out as a complete Twitter newbie. 

Appropriate Power Visibility

Hi Bala

You were asking me about visibility so I will share some thoughts here - in this visible online space. You are interested on behalf of the newly forming Appropriate Power Special Interest Group. I hope what I write here will help not only that group, but also other Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that we may set up later.


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