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Defining the space

As I look around this online space I see potential that reminds me of childhood visits to the new homes of my many uncles and aunties. I adored my uncles. In my eyes they were big, strong, fun-filled heroes to whom nothing was impossible. When their cars broke down (as, in those days, cars frequently did) they fixed them. If their new home didn't have a bathroom, they put one in. If a door was in the wrong place they moved it - the same with cupboards and walls and windows. They transformed poky little sculleries into shiny kitchens. They made magic.


Hi Vijay

I enjoyed our online chat the other day. You suggested we should share it - but I protested that I had made too many typos. Now you have edited them out and sent it to me - so here it is for anyone to see. Andy suggested including it in our Open Letters. Later, if we get more conversations we can bring them together somewhere. I like the title you chose:

The Strength of 

Joining in with the dadamac community

The idea of is that is should be an "online home/office/clubroom/study-space/whatever-we-need" for the growing dadamac community (which welcomes newcomers). We started off by "preparing the reception area" i.e. the home page and such like (this area needs more work - fewer words, more pictures -  but is well under way).

Franz Nahrada and SSL workshop

Thank you Franz for sending me the information (including application form) about the workshop on "Streaming, Sharing and Learning (SSL) – The options for and the use of Interactive Digital Video over long distances in adult education". In your (personal) email you asked me to help you get the message out to the right people, and so I am replying to you through a dadamac open letter.

The community and the website

My reply to Vijay.

Hi Vijay

I am glad you feel you are getting a good idea of who we are and what we do.  You explained what you have already learned about us through the website. I liked the way you expressed it, saying  "the Dadamac community links up to the Fantsuam Foundation in a partnership that could open new vistas in collaboration and knowledge networks".

Dadamac Day

Project Organisation: 
Project is Active: 

(Updated by Pamela McLean October 2013)

Dadamac Day is an annual celebration of the Dadamac Community, held in November. See below for the early approach to Dadamac Day, which was originally only connected with the Teachers Talking group. Over the years the emphasis has shifted to the wider Dadamac Commmunity meeting on the Internet, and we no longer organise a "physical location re-union celebration party" at Fantsuam. The way we mark Dadamac Day year by year reflects what is currently happening.


Dadamac Foundation and Dadamac Limited - the Connection

We have been asked to explain the relationship between Dadamac Foundation and Dadamac Limited. It is causing some confusion for people who think it must be like the relationship between, for instance, Ford and the Ford Foundation or Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (i.e step one: become a great commercial success; step two: share the resulting financial wealth through philanthropy). Dadamac is very different. We didn't start on the commercial side and then create the foundation. We started with our voluntary work and are now at the start of building our commercial operation (Dadamac Limited). We don't have financial wealth; our wealth is harder to quantify. We have a considerable amount of social capital and a wealth of knowledge and information, built up through years of voluntary work.

The various faces of Dadamac

We are creating an online presence under one brand name – Dadamac – which brings together


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