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Dadamac Connect is a social business set up by its co-founders Pamela McLean and Nicola Fishman on the 1st September 2014.

Dadamac Connect is

 a membership organisation

 a supportive and questioning community

 peer to peer learning & learn by doing

a reflective space

offers analasis and helps you make sense of the changing world around you

Your annual £10 fee enables you to access the knowledge and networks of the co-founders

As a founder member you will:

receive a membership card

Community Cohesion and Conflict Resolution

A typical day in Dadamac

It's 7.45 am here in the UK so I'm a bit earlier that usual starting work, and thinking it might be interesting to make notes through the day.

A "water cooler" moment.

So far I've read a blog comment that Vijay wrote and responded to it. Then I went to check my emails. The chat box was open. It had a one-line message from Vijay - so I wrote a line back and he wrote one to me, and then we both went back to our tasks. it's the virtual equivalent of a smile and a wave, or a momentary exchange of pleasantries with a colleague at the water cooler. For me it was a pleasant way to start the day.. and for him... well he's in Delhi.. so .. maybe a good way to end to his mornings work.

Blogs I haven't written

You may have been directed to this blog because I want to give you background to an ongoing story. Well the truth is that I may not have written it yet. I'm trying to exchange a vicious circle for a virtuous one. In the vicious circle - here and now - I need to refer people (like you perhaps) to previous events or ideas that I haven't actually blogged about. In the virtuous circle every unfolding story is readily to hand (including the one specially for you). Hmm - How to make the flip over?

The ideal solution

My friend Omo suggests a"person multiplier" - He wrote "This is a gizmo which allows you to determine how many copies of yourself are required for the tasks on your schedule and creates them - are you running one?"

Week ending Dec 3rd

So much happening, so little time to write.

Streaming Learning and Sharing

Last Thursday, November 29th. Franz Nahrada held a skype planning meeting for the January video bridge, Streaming Learning and Sharing workshop I was there with other participants. it was our first online meeting.

Developing Technologies

Friday, November 30th - Meeting with Femi Longe (Africa Plus Plus and New Ideas for Africa)and Ron Bridges (www.developing at City University. That meeting ties in with our recycling plastic project.


Friday mornings is Tuttle club - so I called in on my way to the meeting with Ron and Femi, saw a few people I know and got useful advice from Andy Broomfield regarding work I need to do on

Ideas for Africa

Friday early evening - to UnLtd as Femi had asked some Ideas for Africa people to meet him there to discuss what might happen to the group while he is away (leaving for Nigeria on Monday).

Philanthropic Finance

On Saturday - Philanthropic Finance conference #socent was in my diary but it was postponed.

Can Dadamac Become a Virtual Organisation?

Hi Pam,

Some months ago, in one of your initial E-conversations with me, you gave me a detailed description about your plan and vision for Dadamac. We also talked about building a roadmap for the future.

This week, as I was reading an interesting piece about the virtual organisation on the Economist website, it struck me that Dadamac probably has all the makings of becoming one. 

In the coming years, Dadamac will be driven primarily by mobile assets like people, knowledge and information. I call people mobile assets since those working for Dadamac (either as full time workers or consultants) won't be stationed in one place. They will be spread out across the world, trying to pitch in with their intellectual capital, ideas, solutions, and networking and fund-raising potential .

Africa Gathering, Business Fights Poverty, and more

Things are getting very busy here, and it is hard to share it all as much as I would like to do. I hope that (once more of Dadamac's activities have "moved in" to this single online space that is ) life will get simpler and it will be easier for everyone to know what is going on. 

A couple of years ago I hardly ever went to any face to face events connected with my Dadamac interests (back before Dadamac developed out of Cawdnet). I simply worked away online - or went on working holidays to Africa. Now there are so many related activites in London that it is hard to know which to attend (even if you apply my usual rule of - if it's going to cost money then its probably out of my range)

These are the two most recent events:

Yesterday was the final event in a series from the UK Department for International Development, the Overseas Development Institute and Business Action for Africa on ‘Harnessing the power of business for development Impact’

Planning Dadamac Day

This week we had the first planning and practice meeting for Dadamac Day (DD).  The DD team, Chollom and Alheri (in Nigeria) and Nikki and Pam (in UK), e-met through one of Dadamac's usual typed Skype conferences.

Date, time and place.

The date and time are agreed -Saturday November 7th 10:00 GMT, 11:00 Nigerian time, 13:00 East Africa Time.


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