Technical Talk

This week’s online meeting began with a testing technical question. As regular participants will know, we “meet” virtually every week using the Skype networking programme. However, since most cyber cafes lack this facility, the query was raised as to whether we might exclude people by adopting the same format for our monthly First Thursday meetings.

It was therefore suggested that using Yahoo Messenger might be a better option. However the vote from the Fantsuam Foundation was that Skype remained the preferable format for them as well as being easier to log into, it was the most effective alternative for sending files and pictures.

During the course of our meeting, John (I) had noticed that Pam and I had been editing our typos on Skype as we went along. At the close, he asked how we were doing this and we were able to explain the process, sharing that knowledge with the group, This was a good example of shared internet enabled learning - especially as this particular skill was first taught to Pam (UK) by a user in the USA. We are delighted to say it has now been passed on to rural Nigeria!


Hi Vijay

Sorry you could not make it to February First Thursday, but I know you are very busy at present. You would have met some interesting people including members of the Dadamac team in Nigeria. It would have been interesting to compare some of the eco-developments there, such as growing Jatrohpa, with what is happening in India

I mention Jatropha because at our UK-Nigeria meeting yesterday we were told that "we are raising a nursery of 2000 jathropha palnts we intend to transplant when the rains begin"

First Thursday - sustainable villages, the workshop, etc

Thursday February 4th is the First Thursday of the month.  So here's my invitation to join me in the worknets chat room, and my usual thanks to Andrius Kulikauskas, director of Minciu Sodas for making it possible. All being well I will be around for an hour starting - 13.00 Nigerian time, 15,00 Kenyan time, 12.00 GMT.

Learning about Permaculture

A continued focus of our weekly online UK/Nigeria meetings has been the subject of permaculture.

This was not a word or principle I had come across often in my day-to-day life in South London.

However over the past two years I have been lucky enough to begin to learn more about it -  and to appreciate the importance of designing the proposed model farm at Attachab along the principles it dictates.

First Wednesday Meeting of 2010

Wow, what a start to the New Year!

Although it had been a few weeks since our last UK-Nigeria online meeting (due to connectivity issues and holidays) I was quickly reminded again how thrilled I am to be involved with this dynamic group of people.

Although these meetings with Fantsuam are arranged for the same time and day each week, they are never routine, dull or a chore.

Fish Farming

Until recently my experience with fish had been limited, to say the least. In all honesty, it had consisted of watching my children win goldfish at a fair - and the occasional cod and chips supper!

However over the last 18 months the subject of fish farming has captured my attention and I have been lucky enough to have my eyes opened to the many and varied challenges involved. (Although I'll be the first to admit I still have a great deal more to learn!)

Issues ref Developing-Country Livestock

Hi Vijay

Given your interest in food security and wider issues surrounding it you may like to see this video about Climate Food and Developing-Country Livestock Farmers ILRI film:

In my mind it connects with John's vision for a model farm development at Attachab Eco-village and why it is important to develop models of good practice and effective ways to share them.

Of course at Fantusam Foudation many initiatives are inter-related, so this is also relevant to the idea Cicely was promoting for helping farmers through the Internet services provided by Zittnet. (You may remember this idea and our excitement around trying to win some serious prize money which I covered in my blog.)


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