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Digital footprints

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This is an exploration of digital footprints as a way of demonstrating competence (especially in emerging areas which lack the easy reference points of academic accreditation, military rank, and similar traditional evidence of position and reputation).

The initiators

Pamela McLean and Nikki Fishman

Write up by

Pamela McLean

Dadamac's Posterous

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It is an alterative space for quickly publishing content on the web. Orignally used for open letters and things that didn't have an obvious "place" within

The initiators:

This is something that is "me on my own" (Pamela McLean)

The backstory:

Dadamac's Posterous is partly an experiment with public-space and private-space. It's also an early attempt to bring more of my interests together in one place. Posterous is a wonderful middle way between a blog and an email (and is evoivng further over time).


  • Dadamacademy is home to a small, but growing, community of learners.
  • It is a model of learner-directed-learning enabled by the Internet.
  • It operates outside established academia
  • It is open to collaboration
  • It's investigations relate to 21st century lifestyles, learning and livelihoods
  • It's learners are on self-directed "learning journeys", with their learning needs and direction generated by practical projects that they are doing.
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