Africa Gathering, Business Fights Poverty, and more

Things are getting very busy here, and it is hard to share it all as much as I would like to do. I hope that (once more of Dadamac's activities have "moved in" to this single online space that is ) life will get simpler and it will be easier for everyone to know what is going on. 

A couple of years ago I hardly ever went to any face to face events connected with my Dadamac interests (back before Dadamac developed out of Cawdnet). I simply worked away online - or went on working holidays to Africa. Now there are so many related activites in London that it is hard to know which to attend (even if you apply my usual rule of - if it's going to cost money then its probably out of my range)

These are the two most recent events:

Yesterday was the final event in a series from the UK Department for International Development, the Overseas Development Institute and Business Action for Africa on ‘Harnessing the power of business for development Impact’

Going to School in India

Hi Pam,
Thanks for forwarding Sam's views about fish farming. I agree with him that sustainability can come through empowerment and lasting peace. But creating that peace is not easy, in places which are threatened by violence and unrest. And empowerment can happen only when people are ready for change to happen.
It has been a busy week for me so far. But it also became an interesting week, thanks to my meetings with people like Lisa Heydlauff, who has been living in New Delhi for many years now.

Launching our discussion forum

We have launched our discussion forum. Now it will be easy for people to join in discussions here. Now can gradually become an active online space for the growing Dadamac community.

To join in all you have to do is go to the discussion forum link choose the discussion topic that interests you and add any comments you like. You can reach the discussion forum link from any page; it is under the heading "get involved".

Joining in with the dadamac community

The idea of is that is should be an "online home/office/clubroom/study-space/whatever-we-need" for the growing dadamac community (which welcomes newcomers). We started off by "preparing the reception area" i.e. the home page and such like (this area needs more work - fewer words, more pictures -  but is well under way).

Sam, Fishing and more

Hi Vijay. Welcome back and thanks for sharing interesting news about your trip. I feel I know you better since that letter.

You mention fishing, and that prompts me to introduce you to my friend Samwel who lives near Lake Victoria and is also concerned about declining fish stocks. Sam was at First Thursday today, and his concerns featured strongly in our chat.

Franz Nahrada and SSL workshop

Thank you Franz for sending me the information (including application form) about the workshop on "Streaming, Sharing and Learning (SSL) – The options for and the use of Interactive Digital Video over long distances in adult education". In your (personal) email you asked me to help you get the message out to the right people, and so I am replying to you through a dadamac open letter.


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