Fish Farming

Until recently my experience with fish had been limited, to say the least. In all honesty, it had consisted of watching my children win goldfish at a fair - and the occasional cod and chips supper!

However over the last 18 months the subject of fish farming has captured my attention and I have been lucky enough to have my eyes opened to the many and varied challenges involved. (Although I'll be the first to admit I still have a great deal more to learn!)

Pushing up Farm Productivity

Dear Pam,

Here is an interesting piece on the role that pulses and oilseeds play in nutritional security. Though the article talks about the state of Indian agriculture, it has some interesting points on increasing agricultural productivity.

In order to progress, the mindset with regard to the following two factors needs to change, says Dr Lux Lakshmanan, Director, California Agriculture Consulting Service. Factor no 1: It is not the farmer who makes the food: he is only a facilitator. Food is actually made by plants. Since plants do not talk, their needs are understood through research and experimentation. Factor no 2: The mindset that assumes that breeding is the solution to all maladies has to change. Nurturing of plants is several times more important in crop productivity improvement than hybrid seeds per se.

Issues ref Developing-Country Livestock

Hi Vijay

Given your interest in food security and wider issues surrounding it you may like to see this video about Climate Food and Developing-Country Livestock Farmers ILRI film:

In my mind it connects with John's vision for a model farm development at Attachab Eco-village and why it is important to develop models of good practice and effective ways to share them.

Of course at Fantusam Foudation many initiatives are inter-related, so this is also relevant to the idea Cicely was promoting for helping farmers through the Internet services provided by Zittnet. (You may remember this idea and our excitement around trying to win some serious prize money which I covered in my blog.)

Last Wednesday Meeting of 2009!

Yesterday saw the last scheduled meeting of 2009 between the UK-Nigeria team.

The main item on the agenda was to thank everyone for their continued commitment to these meetings and for all their hard work during the past year.


We also wanted to reflect on the successes we had shared and explore together any aspects of our collaboration which might be improved upon in the coming year. We also hoped to clarify what should be our first objectives togeher for the New Year.


In the event, the meeting departed from its usual Skype format involving all members together because of technical difficulties which caused a time delay between the UK and Nigeria. However, the UK  team was able to meet as usual and to go through the agenda items together. This main meeting was supported by sms messages, emails and individual Skypes to our colleagues in Nigeria. One advantage of using Skype is that usually the messages will eventually be seen by all. Let's hope that is the case here!


Visiting Fantsuam

Hi Vijay

I'm delighted you are interested in visiting Africa. Somehow I had assumed that (as you live in India and you are interested in development) your main interest would be development in India.

It is much easier for me to support you as a Dadamac Learner and have discussions with you, and send you items to read etc, if I only need to think of relevance to Africa, or world-wide (rather than wondering if there is any relevance to India).


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