#LandscapeOfChange Pioneers - Michel Bauwens, Alastair Parvin and Yaacov Hecht

I see the people who are exploring practical ideas about our present and future as people who are living the lives of explorers in the Landscape of Change. I mean that they are explorers and trailblazers in the areas of life which are uncertain and changing. The areas of uncertainly are increasinlgy becoming a reality in the lives of many people, who would never have chosen to explore them. The explorers are going abead of the crowd, and the directions that they take become like beaten tracks across the Landscape of Change.

Kazanka Comfort Of Fantsuam Foundation - speaking tour in Canada

John Dada sent news today about Kazanka Comfort, who was for many years the general secretary of Fantsuam Foundation's micro-finance programme and involved in all other programmes. He wrote:

VSO/CUSO have sponsored Comfort to a Women leaders course in Canada and this has been followed by a week of speaking tour

Fighting a deadly fungus

At our Dadamac UK-Nigeria meeting on May 14th John Dada mentioned that he had to rush out to the primary school just near Fantsuam Foundation to give an urgent message on maize planting this season.

John explained

An ongoing problem with maize growing in Nigeria is its contamination with the fungus that produces aflatoxins... FF is raising awareness on this health issue and will be providing training to farmers on preventive measures to ensure health of their maize crops..

Working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Aflatoxin contamination

Aflatoxin contamination

In a 'previous life', John Dada who is the Director of Fantsuam Foundation in rural Nigeria, used to be a lecturer in microbiology. His PhD looked into aflatoxin contamination of grains like maize and groundnuts. Such contamination is very significant in societies where grains are stored for some time until they are needed. Poor storage conditions can contribute to the aflatoxin contamination.

Overheard on the 227 - Thanks Michael Rosen

I read a book by Michael Rosen which illustrated that there is poetry in everyday language - if you listen out for it. So I listened - and sure enough - I heard some as I was travelling on the 227 bus. It was late on a Thursday afternoon. Two weary women were sitting in front of me, chatting to each other and I couldn't help hearing what they said.

When I got off the bus I wrote down their words so I wouldn't forget.

The first section was spoken by one woman; the second was the response of her companion.


Cost of living comparisons

I've been reading Ben De Vries' update on Facebook and the conversation following it (posted on his timeline on May 5th at approximately 8am GMT) - and found it very enlightening. It started as a comparison of costs of living in USA and Greece, then went into other realities, and explored myths such as "everyone in the USA is rich".

Truth is more complex than soundbites and headlines. Real comparisons are very hard to make.


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