ICT4D - Nigeria, a ginger crop and the Internet

I've been reading "Development and ICT4D - Too many pilot projects and not enough regular service" Amongst the stories of failures and success were references to helping farmers. This reminded me of Veronica (who is a teacher and a farmer in rural Nigeria). I thought I would share the story of her experience of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

Our unfolding story

These initiatives have been chosen to illustrate the development of Dadamac Foundation from its early days as an informal collaboration to the present. A wide range of people have been involved. For simplicity's sake they are referred to as "the Dadamac Community".

Design-reality gap: development projects and ICT

I'm constantly baffled and bewildered by the gap that exists between what I read on the Internet about ICT4D, and the reality that I meet on the ground. I long to help bridge the gap between academics and practitioners. I was therefore delighted to discover a student exploring the topic, and saddened, but not surprised at his difficulties. He wrote:

Explaining Dadamac Foundation - feedback requested.

Following our AGM I've been trying to write a good "about" page for Dadamac Foundation. I'd appreciate feedback on my attempt. Here it is:

About Dadamac Foundation

Dadamac Foundation has always been placed equally in three, very different, kinds of locations - and that is our unique strength. Our work is to do with education, livelihoods, welfare and development. Our projects are long-term with an emphasis on capacity building, sustainability, and sharing good practice.

Our locations are:

Grandmothers' voices remembered in Seoul

John Dada attends conference on ageing in Seoul

Last week John Dada, Director of Fantsuam Foundation wrote from Seoul, “The African Research for Ageing (AFRAN) and HelpAge International, to which Fantsuam is affiliated, has supported my attendance at the 20th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Seoul, Korea."

First Thursday - sharing the June archive

First Thursday is an online meeting that I hold once a month.I go online for an hour and some of my geograhically scattered friends and contacts drop by for a chat, and have the opportunity to meet each other - more about how "First Thursday" works

It is a great opportunity to exchange information and knowledge from very different cultural perspectives (this month we have people from Nigeria, USA and UK).


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