Palliative Care Gets a Boost at Fantsuam Clinic

The Fantsuam Health Centre has been providing basic palliative care within its limits and resources. In our HIV/AIDS program we have a Home-based care component that also serves older citizens who are housebound. The Kafanchan General Hospital is overwhelmed with the daily casualties of road traffic accidents, mostly caused by motor cycle taxis called okada. Some of these people end up with severe disabilities that the hospital is unable to support, and their care devolves on the victims’ families.

Background reading for a fellow traveller in the #LandscapeOfChange

I was impressed by this explanation of The Purpose Economy which arrived this morning via Michel Bauwens and Peer 2 Peer Foundation. I decided to send it to a newly arrived "fellow traveller" in the Landscape of Change, following a conversation we had earlier this week. It covers a lot of ideas that are familiar to (and part of the life experience of) many pioneers in the Landscape of Change.

World reader - I need someone to explore this site for me

This world reader e-books project looks like a great opportunity. E-books would bring huge benefit to various projects I know about. For a start I would love to tell John Dada, Fola Sunday so they could get these e-books to use in their work with disadvantaged communites in North Central Nigeria and in South West Nigeria. Other people and projects also start to spring to mind. 

Looking forward to this year's Dark Mountain festival

I was at the Dark Mountain festivals in 2011 and 2012 and have booked for this year. If you don't know about it then you may appreociate this announcement which just arrived in my inbox.


This year's Dark Mountain festival is approaching!

As you attended Uncivilisation 2012, we thought you might want to know about this year's festival, which takes place in just under four week's time. 

PEI #scienceAfrica UnConference - Enjoy the highlights

Last week I blogged enthusiastically about the PEI #scienceAfrica UnConference - Appreciating PEI's "Africa's Scientific Independence"

Now the highlights are avaliable - excellently done as a Prezi with embedded video clips. I'll copy some of the announcment below to give you the links and a flavour of the day:  

Veronica's story

This is a story from rural Nigeria of an attempt to learn through the Internet.

It is remarkable because of the effort involved in trying to learn, the hurdles that were overcome, and the benefits that could have resulted if it had been successful. However it failed. There are useful lessons to be learned by looking at the details of failure. The experiences of failure can become a firm foundation for systems that are more robust.


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