Dr Awojobi visits Fantsuam Foundation

John has sent this report from Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria:

Follow up to training of Fatsuam staff in Eruwa

Nigeria’s foremost rural surgeon, Dr. Oluyombo Awojobi, founder and CEO of the Awojobi Clinic Eruwa (ACE), came on a 3-day visit to Fantsuam Foundation. This followed the placement of two Fantsuam staff at his clinic where he took them through his appropriate health technology programs. And what was the reason for his visit to Fantsuam Foundation? In his words “I should endeavor to visit you in the next one month before the enthusiasm of the duo wanes”.

Malaria - and why I need help in Dadamac

This post is about malaria and is also a request for help with what I do in Dadamac.

Why malaria?

Earlier this evening I phoned Graham Knight for a catch-up phone call. He was out, so I did "an alternative catchup", re-reading a couple of his recent BioDesign newsletters. That's how malaria and mosquito control came to my mind.

Artenisia annua

Graham has been in discussion with various people about the practicalities of artenisia annua.

Adult literacy in Kadarko - starting October 2013

John Dada wrote "We have been requested to provide evening adult literacy classes. We expect that there will be a greater demand for this service than we can meet when we plan to start in October." - see Summer School in Kadarko. He mentioned this in our weekly Dadmac UK-Nigeria online meeting today. As an ex-infant teacher I was quickly playing with possibilities in my mind, so I've made these notes, and we can discuss the ideas together before the classes start in October.

Summer School in Kadarko

The long summer holiday

John writes: There has been much discussion in the UK about children forgetting what they have learned during the long summer holidays. But the challenges to learning faced by children in Nigeria are even greater due to the larger class sizes and few resources in many schools. Children in Kadarko have never had the opportunity of being kept busy during the long vacation from July to September. Unfortunately, there is not enough farm work or harvest at this time, so it can be boring for children.

Response to "A Theory of Community Formation"

Much of what I do relates to communities and what enables the people in them to collaborate effectively so I was very pleased to disccover A Theory of Community Formation.and responded in the comments box - copied here:

The response 

Thank you for this. I appreciate your insights and hope to think about them more deeply, and ideally to explore them further with you.

Introducing Ostradef

Today I am with my friend Chief Gbade Adejumo from Okeho, in Oke-Ogun, Oyo State, Nigeria. He is visiting the UK and we are taking the opportunity to catch up and to see how we can collaborate in the future.


Gbade has been telling me about Okeho Strategic Development Foundation (Ostradef). It was founded in 2010, by a group of Okeho indigens who are concerned about the low level of development of the town and want to do something about it.

Looking forward

Gbade and I are looking at how Dadamac and Ostradef can work together in future.


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