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"For want of a nail" - Why a stronger Dadamac is urgently needed

In "One Network One World" Vinay Gupta explains complex ideas in simple terms, so I'm using his video to explain where Dadamac fits and why we need to magnify and accelerate its work.

Vinay explains the urgency of taking action to raise local standards of living in the slums and rural areas of Africa. He also points to the role of information sharing in making this happen.

I'm reminded of the rhyme:

Response to "A Theory of Community Formation"

Much of what I do relates to communities and what enables the people in them to collaborate effectively so I was very pleased to disccover A Theory of Community Formation.and responded in the comments box - copied here:

The response 

Thank you for this. I appreciate your insights and hope to think about them more deeply, and ideally to explore them further with you.

Introducing Ostradef

Today I am with my friend Chief Gbade Adejumo from Okeho, in Oke-Ogun, Oyo State, Nigeria. He is visiting the UK and we are taking the opportunity to catch up and to see how we can collaborate in the future.


Gbade has been telling me about Okeho Strategic Development Foundation (Ostradef). It was founded in 2010, by a group of Okeho indigens who are concerned about the low level of development of the town and want to do something about it.

Looking forward

Gbade and I are looking at how Dadamac and Ostradef can work together in future.

Design-reality gap: development projects and ICT

I'm constantly baffled and bewildered by the gap that exists between what I read on the Internet about ICT4D, and the reality that I meet on the ground. I long to help bridge the gap between academics and practitioners. I was therefore delighted to discover a student exploring the topic, and saddened, but not surprised at his difficulties. He wrote:

First Thursday - sharing the June archive

First Thursday is an online meeting that I hold once a month.I go online for an hour and some of my geograhically scattered friends and contacts drop by for a chat, and have the opportunity to meet each other - more about how "First Thursday" works

It is a great opportunity to exchange information and knowledge from very different cultural perspectives (this month we have people from Nigeria, USA and UK).

Cost of living comparisons

I've been reading Ben De Vries' update on Facebook and the conversation following it (posted on his timeline on May 5th at approximately 8am GMT) - and found it very enlightening. It started as a comparison of costs of living in USA and Greece, then went into other realities, and explored myths such as "everyone in the USA is rich".

Truth is more complex than soundbites and headlines. Real comparisons are very hard to make.

Social innovators, social entrepreneurs, and working "for free"

As I see it I'm a social innovator - but not yet a social entrepreneur. Given that "social entrepreneurship" is a comparatively recent concept, its meaning is still somewhat fluid. I'll therefore explain how I'm using these terms for the purpose of this extended blog, and what I mean by the difference. Then I'll explore some organisational models, including ones where people work "for free", and see what lessons I can learn.


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