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Dadamac Knowledge Centre - Learning for Livelihoods

Some problems are the same world wide. Youth unemployment is one of them. What can young people do if there are no jobs for them? This is a problem that John Dada is planning to tackle at Fantsuam by providing accessible and affordable tertiary and vocational education for local youths. We have been "rubbing minds" on our vision for such a centre, and how it fits in with what we have done in that past, what is already on the ground, and our philosophy related to learning. We're calling it the Dadamac Knowledge Centre.

Dadamac - rich in people

I'm rich in the people I know, As I think of them my heart lifts at their uniqueness, their mix of vitality, originality, big vision, stubborn determination, humour, curiosity, change-making, "amazing journeys made up of small steps", generosity of spirit, "imagination combined with deep realism", skills, knowledge, readiness-to-learn, wisdom, insights, and breadth of experience.

How to help Dadamac - From re-tweeting to mentoring

If you are wondering how to get involved with Dadamac in a practical way (possibly after reading For want of a nail" - Why a stronger Dadamac is urgently needed) these suggestions are for you. I've started with the smallest possible involvement, and end with a request for mentors and organisational support. Please share with anyone who might be interested. For more information contact me through the contact form.

"For want of a nail" - Why a stronger Dadamac is urgently needed

In "One Network One World" Vinay Gupta explains complex ideas in simple terms, so I'm using his video to explain where Dadamac fits and why we need to magnify and accelerate its work.

Vinay explains the urgency of taking action to raise local standards of living in the slums and rural areas of Africa. He also points to the role of information sharing in making this happen.

I'm reminded of the rhyme:

Malaria - and why I need help in Dadamac

This post is about malaria and is also a request for help with what I do in Dadamac.

Why malaria?

Earlier this evening I phoned Graham Knight for a catch-up phone call. He was out, so I did "an alternative catchup", re-reading a couple of his recent BioDesign newsletters. That's how malaria and mosquito control came to my mind.

Artenisia annua

Graham has been in discussion with various people about the practicalities of artenisia annua.

Adult literacy in Kadarko - starting October 2013

John Dada wrote "We have been requested to provide evening adult literacy classes. We expect that there will be a greater demand for this service than we can meet when we plan to start in October." - see Summer School in Kadarko. He mentioned this in our weekly Dadmac UK-Nigeria online meeting today. As an ex-infant teacher I was quickly playing with possibilities in my mind, so I've made these notes, and we can discuss the ideas together before the classes start in October.


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