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Invitation to meet John Dada in London - November 25th

John Dada is very seldom in the UK, but on November 25th he will be in London. If you have an interest in the work that John does at Fantsuam Foundation and the work we do together as Dadamac then you are welcome to come and join us. Details here - please note that you will not need to be a fully paid up member of the GlobalNet21 group to attend this single meeting - but you will need to register as we have to give names to reception in advance.

Response to - Please Stop Using the Term “Beneficiaries” in ICT4D

ICT4D guru Wayan Vota writes 'We do it every day. We refer to the people we are working with as “beneficiaries”. For years, I used this term as well, but I’ve stopped. I’d like you to stop too. ..... In technology solution design, it is a standard business practice to work with the clients and customers. In international development we are (or should be) working with people to find ways to accelerate social and economic development. So the term “beneficiaries” should never be used'.

The Guardian and Dadamac: "From development goals to global targets?"

Andy Wales' article on "From development goals to global targets?" in Guardian Professional has overlap with work in Dadamac, I was interested in what he wrote about 'post 2015' goals, "getting a good job" and "education" because everything I do has some relationship to 21st century lifestyles, life-long-learning, and livelihoods,

Agile, FOSS, people and the zone of turbulence in #LandscapeOfChange

Last weekend I was at Lime Wharf for Neo-Nomadism and the Lifestyle Hackers (BTW the link includes twitter handles for some people I admire). The five minute talks were mind-stirring, The afternoon workshops moved my thinking forward. I want to remind myself of the ideas that connected - hence this quick blog. It's not a clear explanation, more of a list.

The dots

These are some of  "the dots that joined up in my mind":

October First Thursday - youths, livelihoods, unemployment, violence, David and Goliath, and more

We had lively discussions today. Nine people from Kenya, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, UK and USA, joined me for my monthly "Drop in and chat with me" time. Ideally someone would write a real blog post on this (volunteer needed, please contact me if you might be interested ) This is my best attempt to quickly share what went on.

Cut and paste plus...

This is a very rougly edited cut and paste from the chat, with a few explanatory notes in brackets.  


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