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Digital Footprint and Employment

Steve Thompson wrote "I’m developing a new course for seeking employment supported by digital tools and social media. This also gives some consideration to Digital Footprint, sometimes referred to as Net Rep (Reputation). 


I’m going a different route entirely and I’m introducing participants to a whole clean slate where all their social media accounts are dedicated to one aim: finding a job more in his blog.

Connecting my connections and Dadamac

I love London for the interesting people, projects and ideas I connect with. I'm organising an event here with John Dada - it's a face-to-face meetup between the African side of Dadamac and people in London. It's a rare opportunity for my UK contacts to discover more about John, me and Dadamac -  and to make connections with each other. Given my enthusiasm for community building, conversations and cross-cultural collaborations I'll be inviting a variety of people to attend.

Dadamac Day 2013 - Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation

Each November we do something to mark "Dadamac Day". Like most annual events it's a chance to involve others, to celebrate how far we've come, and share hopes of where we're going. It usually involves the Internet, and bringing people together from the UK and African sides of Dadamac and other locations too.


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