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OLPC, ANT, and breakthroughs for Dadamac and me

The most important breakthrough last week was the "Aha!" moment that happened when I was reading "A travelogue of 100 laptops". It gave me an insight into why I can't easily answer the question "What to you do?" (See A PhD Thesis About OLPC Asks: What are we doing? What are we bringing? and the comment at 10.54am on March 9th.)

Impact HubW and International Development (Africa)

The latest channel for UK-Africa communication that I've set up is the International Development (Africa) group at Impact Hub Westminster in London (a group limited to HubW members).

Reasons for setting up this group:

I became an unintentional UK-Africa social innovator in 2000, through my friend the late Peter Adetunji Oyawale and his untimely death.

Planning or doing - which comes first?

Collaboration seems fine in theory. It's comparatively easy to agree about "what we all want to do".

The practicalities of collaboration ("how we're going to do it") are more problematic, especially if the people involved have different ideas of "how things are usually done". Our own cultural norms seem perfectly normal to us, so normal that we don't even notice or question them. When we collaborate across cultures we find other people start doing things differently, and it can seem they are "being difficult".

Collaboration challenges - and lessons from Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli

This was first posted in Posterous  on 13/02/2011. It's reposted here for easy reference because Posterous has been discontinued.
 As a personal preparation for the CotW skype meeting this evening (7 pm my time) I have been thinking about CotW and its proposed "dating site", which is to help organistions and people in CotW to meet up with each other.

"The Unbearable Lightness of ICT4Development" and Dadamac Foundation

This year I'm scaling up the work of Dadamac by extending the reach of Dadamac Foundation. This post from Smart Monkey TV newsletter touches on some of the reasons why Dadamac needs to be more visible and influential in the ICT4D arena.

I won't explain the connection here. I just offer the link to the full post, and some highlighted extracts. (Hint - Dadamac is about on-the-ground realities, needs-led integrated community development, relevant use of ICTs, and effective use of resources.)  


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