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#LandscapeOfChange and wierd by choice - Notes for Fred Garnett

Hi Fred - Last week you and I were talking generally about Wikiquals and also about my personal study of the #LandscapeOfChange. I told you I'd written some posts here in the past about it, but not for a while. Today I came across some links which put me in mind of Landscape of Change (LoF) posts where I've sung the praises of my "crazy-sane" friends. I think the links will provide useful references if I need to explain some aspects of LoF:

Looking for my own information agent

Walking home tonight I was imagining how different my life would be if I had my own information ("info") agent. How would I describe the job to a potential applicant for a start? I guess the easiest thing it to compare it to a diary secretary - but instead of filling in the diary before-hand my info-agent would fill it in for me afterwards.

More like Samuel Pepys diary - but with tags and suchlike

Thanks to my info-agent I'd have the kind of journal that Samuel Pepys had as his diary - but I wouldn't have to write it for myself.

Dadamac Foundation Information Agents

The idea of "information agents" has been emerging gradually within Dadamac. It's clear enough now to explore openly, to see where it has come from, and consider how it might develop. I'm expecting that information agents will play key roles in creating the Dadamac Foundation Knowledge Commons in 2014 and beyond. It's not a short explanation, so I've numbered the sections for ease of use. Prototype work supporting a changemaker was done with John Dada and Fantsuam Foundation but future work will include other projects and locations.

Flowing together and separately - Dadamac 2014

Dadamac is at another transformative stage. It's time for a review of who we are, where we are, and where we seem to be going. This description is a "beginners guide" and also an overview for people who already know some parts of Dadamac well and want to see where they belong in the bigger picture. It covers how things flow together and where they go separate ways (so it's not short). The sections are:

An accidental ICT4D practitioner

Sometimes I need to explain where I fit on the spectrum of ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development). The most accurate description is that I'm an "accidental ICT4D practitioner". With hindsight I can describe my work in a tidy "CV" kind of a way, although in reality it's been chaotic and emergent (and is unpaid so not full-time or neatly labelled). It's grown from doing things to help my friends, and has increasingly taken over my life.

Here's one possible tidy version:

"Death of ICT4D" - Tony Roberts, Ken Banks and me.

Tony Robert's blog on Death of ICT4D 'Greatly Exaggerated' and the reference he makes to Ken Banks sounding the death knell of ICT4D for several years, prompts me to add my perspective on ICT4D.

A non-academic perspective

I'm not part of academia, or any other "expenses paying" organisation. This means that if I do go to any ICT4D conferences I have to foot the bills myself and I have to go in my own time, so I don't usually go.


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