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Before First Thursday July 2014

The First Thursday Group has been meeting online on the First Thursday of the month for years (too long to remember when it started).

It's very simple. I go online at the same time each month. If any of my friends or contacts want to join me they can. I know a rich variety of people with a wide range of overlapping interests. Usually the common thread is the fact that I know everyone - although sometimes a friend will invite others, and they are equally welcome.

Pattern Language and Dadamac

I celebrate the work of John Dada and his team at Fantsuam Foundation (FF) both for its own sake and for its wider relevance. I often struggle to explain that wider relevance, and it seems that pattern language ideas could help me when I try to share some of the insights that come out of Dadamac.

I don't know enough to attempt to explain pattern language, so I'll simply offer you pointers to find out more through the work of two people who have influenced me. I was also helped by Helmut Leitner who gave me a series of weekly "online tutorials" early in my explorations.

Andrius - Links ref collaborating, communicating, rubbing minds.

I shared these links in a recent Skype call to Andrius Kulikauskas. He's my informal studies supervisor. He's interested in what I'm thinking related to what I'm doing. We try to meet online about once a week. It'll be useful to have these links easily to hand here for my own reference and to share with others.

The links all relate to my interests in collaboration, learning-by-doing, and people learning from each other (especially from different perspectives). They are things I'm actively involved in which have taken some of my time over the last few weeks.

Dadamac April Update

It's time to bring separate parts together again so everyone can have the same overview.

January 10th 2015

We're planning early for a positive start to 2015 - both for the Dadamac Community and for a lot of people not previously connected with us - so please mark your diaries.

It's an event in London on Saturday January 10th 2015 about:

Trial and learning - freedom from the fear of failure

I was at Brixton Hub having one of those "Who are you? What do you do? Do we have any overlapping interests?" kind of conversations.

When my new co-working buddy commented "It's refreshing to talk to someone who doesn't mind sharing her failures" I was a bit taken aback. I wasn't aware of sharing any failures, so I wondered exactly what she had in mind. As she quickly reviewed the topics we'd covered I realised what she meant. My stories were about changes of direction and unexpected things I'd learned, bursting with phrases like:


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