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Sam, Fishing and more

Hi Vijay. Welcome back and thanks for sharing interesting news about your trip. I feel I know you better since that letter.

You mention fishing, and that prompts me to introduce you to my friend Samwel who lives near Lake Victoria and is also concerned about declining fish stocks. Sam was at First Thursday today, and his concerns featured strongly in our chat.

Franz Nahrada and SSL workshop

Thank you Franz for sending me the information (including application form) about the workshop on "Streaming, Sharing and Learning (SSL) – The options for and the use of Interactive Digital Video over long distances in adult education". In your (personal) email you asked me to help you get the message out to the right people, and so I am replying to you through a dadamac open letter.

Email to Andy Dearden

Hi Andy

This email is a progress report about organising our online academic-practitioners forum. I am publishing this email on my personal space at, as well as sending you a personal email, so I will briefly go over old ground before moving on.

Moving in - Useful Links

I am looking at my email inbox and thinking what emails I should choose to reply to as I "move in" to my space here at As I look, I realise that I will probably be making reference to information published on the Internet within my replies. This means it would be helpful to have the relevant links easily to hand.

The community and the website

My reply to Vijay.

Hi Vijay

I am glad you feel you are getting a good idea of who we are and what we do.  You explained what you have already learned about us through the website. I liked the way you expressed it, saying  "the Dadamac community links up to the Fantsuam Foundation in a partnership that could open new vistas in collaboration and knowledge networks".

Some First Answers

My reply to Vijay's last letter.

Hi Vijay

I'm glad you like the idea of the website as our "reception area", and the fact that it will link through to the "back offices". I can understand your confusion about Dadamac. I believe that as the reception area begins to link up better with the "back offices" things will become clearer. Meanwhile your questions will help me to know what I should try to collect from the "back offices" for people to see when they first "arrive here".

Your questions and observations are all very useful. Thanks too for mentioning that you got the "Oops page". This is helpful feedback, I will let our tech people know. 

I am not sure if I can easiy answer your questions quite in the way that you have formulated them, but I will try to respond to them. I see you are trying to make sense of Dadamac's involvement in development. You are looking at the four "areas" (Dadamac Limited, Foundation, Learners and Open Knowledge).You are also raising sensible issues regarding finance and sustainablility.

I think you may sometimes find it easier to think first about the Dadamac community (the people), then the four areas that relate to "how we do what we do" may make more sense.


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