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Issues ref Developing-Country Livestock

Hi Vijay

Given your interest in food security and wider issues surrounding it you may like to see this video about Climate Food and Developing-Country Livestock Farmers ILRI film:

In my mind it connects with John's vision for a model farm development at Attachab Eco-village and why it is important to develop models of good practice and effective ways to share them.

Of course at Fantusam Foudation many initiatives are inter-related, so this is also relevant to the idea Cicely was promoting for helping farmers through the Internet services provided by Zittnet. (You may remember this idea and our excitement around trying to win some serious prize money which I covered in my blog.)

Visiting Fantsuam

Hi Vijay

I'm delighted you are interested in visiting Africa. Somehow I had assumed that (as you live in India and you are interested in development) your main interest would be development in India.

It is much easier for me to support you as a Dadamac Learner and have discussions with you, and send you items to read etc, if I only need to think of relevance to Africa, or world-wide (rather than wondering if there is any relevance to India).

Marcus Update and Sharing Resources

A quick update before too much of the week shoots past. I did meet Marcus Simmons at Tuttle on Friday, and later we went to City University to meet Ron Dennis. It was a continuation of the converstation Ron, Femi Longe and I had last week, regarding Nigeria, recyling plastics and other shared interests.

Marcus and I also spent a lot of time transferring his photos and videos to my hard drive, finding the most relevant ones to share, making breif notes, and trying not to be drawn into detail until all that was done. We discovered that we both planned to be in Central London today, so we agreed to meet again to continue our catch-up. There is a lot to cover - so, for starters, Marcus agreed that I could publish the email he sent during his trip.

Week ending Dec 3rd

So much happening, so little time to write.

Streaming Learning and Sharing

Last Thursday, November 29th. Franz Nahrada held a skype planning meeting for the January video bridge, Streaming Learning and Sharing workshop I was there with other participants. it was our first online meeting.

Developing Technologies

Friday, November 30th - Meeting with Femi Longe (Africa Plus Plus and New Ideas for Africa)and Ron Bridges (www.developing at City University. That meeting ties in with our recycling plastic project.


Friday mornings is Tuttle club - so I called in on my way to the meeting with Ron and Femi, saw a few people I know and got useful advice from Andy Broomfield regarding work I need to do on

Ideas for Africa

Friday early evening - to UnLtd as Femi had asked some Ideas for Africa people to meet him there to discuss what might happen to the group while he is away (leaving for Nigeria on Monday).

Philanthropic Finance

On Saturday - Philanthropic Finance conference #socent was in my diary but it was postponed.


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