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An approach to online community building - TOCI and COTW

The approach

When it comes to online collaboration my interest is in the “socio-tech”  side of things, so I consider three aspects.

  1. The people who are collaborating (who are becoming in some sense an online community).
  2. Their overlapping interests (the information they want to share, the initiatives they want to collaborate on).
  3. Tthe technology they will use during their collaboration.

Many of my contacts come from a background of “ICT” in education or development., and this led me to use the letters “I”, ”C” and “T” as a memory jogger for my three categories. Normally (in ICT4Ed&D) the “ICT” is for “Information”, “Communication” and “Technology”–but I widen it out further.  For me:

Online collaboration in action

For me, the Internet is about collaboration. The past weekend has made me think about the similarities and differences regarding some of the collaborations I am currently involved with. I'm also thinking about how best to enable collaboration between those collaborations.

Three collaborative groups

The three collaborations I was connecting with over the weekend were, in order of the time they have been around: Kabissa, Coalition of the Willing, and Collaborators Connect.

I came to Kabissa when it already had an impressive reputation and track record and I was very new to Internet enabled collaboration. I came to Coalition of the Willing after the film of that name had been made, and before the first Movement camp, I came to Collaborators Connect as an idea forming in my mind, which I then shared with a few people (including Tobais Eigen of Kabissa) and which I finally brought into being as a place where people who were connected with the late Maria Agnese Giraudo could connect with each other and collaborate more widely.

Networks within networks

I am very aware at present of the networks I am part of, how they are relating to each other, how to best enable our networking online, etc -  I think of the dadamac commuity, its core groups, its wider network, the other networks I belong in, the overlaps between them and so on.


Today (Monday 28th February) I have a Skype chat with Randy Fisher, exploring Dadamac in the context of iCentro


Tomorrow is my first meeting as a fully paid-up RSA fellow–a meeting to meet other new fellows in London.


Wednesday is our regular UK Nigeria team meeting (I may not be able to get to School of Everything Unplugged afterwards this week).

First Thursday

Thursday, March 3rd, our regular monthly Dadamac open meeting, an opportunity to invite various people to network with members of the core team. We are looking forward to welcoming Ben Carson of Think Africa Press.

Making haste slowly

So - what's happening next?

Diary dates - with more links at the end of the blog

Sunday is another Coalition of the Willing online meeting - for the matching project

Ben Carson and I are hoping Monday will be a possible day to meet up.

I will try harder to get to School of Everything Unplugged this week  - Fred is leading the session (though "leading the session" is probably an overformal description of the unplugged sessions).

New Year–New Approaches.

2011 and I'm experimenting with writing a blog for dadamac – about once a week.

Last week started late at Dadamac because of the New Year holiday.

Spring cleaning our admin

I'm doing things slightly differently with our administration this year–so a bit of “spring cleaning” is underway. It'll take a few weeks to see how the new approach shapes up -  Dadamac is constantly reshaping itself as different things emerge. I'm encouraged that “emergence” seemed to be one of the key words at ICTD 2010. Another keyword was “openness”– and I hope this weekly blog will contribute to Dadamac's open-ness (as Nikki's does), sharing even more of our thoughts and vision as we go along.

Regular meeting. Pattern language.

On Wednesday we got back into the swing of things with our weekly Dadamac UK Nigeria meeting. On Thursday I discovered shepherding notes waiting for me on my pattern language project. I put some time into that on Friday


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