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Appreciating Nikki, Collaboration, Collage and Dadamac

If you've read Nikki's latest blog Adieu for now! you'll already know that Dadamac is losing Nikki for the time being as she has to give her full attention to Collage-network ("Collage" for short - and "Collage-network - Age of Collaboration" to give its fuller title). We're going to miss her valuable input, not just in visible ways like the blog, but for all she's been doing to help shape and nurture Dadamac.

Fantsuam update - micro-finance, political delays and fraudsters

John Dada: Updates from FF: We have taken on a new staff, Helen in the microfinance section.... We have revised and upgraded our microfinance program. We are now more involved in encouraging clients to save rather than borrow. Small groups of clients, up to five, will be assisted to set up their savings account at Fantsuam, and they can now give each other loans from their savings. It is a method of helping clients to provide banking services for themselves. Fantsuam's role is that of facilitator and that is where we will earn our fees.

First Week In January

1 - The new year kicked off with "Everything Unplugged" on Wednesday. On Thursday it was the first "First Thursday" of the year - which Nikki kindly hosted as I was at a Christmas family-happening. On Friday there was New Tuttle, followed by some website work with Andy Broomfield, then a useful Tuttle follow-up meeting, and a quick visit to Hub Westminster on my way home - which conveniently happened to overlap Mix at Six.


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