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Reflections on directions

If things happen in an emergent kind of way then every now and again it's a good idea to reflect on what's emerging. Two phone calls this morning provide pointers.

The connecting theme is simply my own learning journey and how it illustrates and informs my ideas about deep patterns of change. One call was from Jemima Gibbons of FRSA London Reboot. The other was from Francis Sealey, of GlobalNet21 meetups.

Good Wednesday - Unplugged, Civil Society Forum, Secret Conversations.

Wednesday morning offers a midweek oasis at "Everything Unplugged". Tony Hall and I once decided that it is our slightly time-shifted version of an evening visit to "the local" in an ideal world. Unplugged is where we're confident of finding good conversation and friendly faces - with the exact mix of friendly faces being unpredictable.

An encouraging couple of days

1 - Life is a bit of a roller coaster.

On Tuesday I came home discouraged and seriously considering the human equivalent of spinning a cocoon, abandonning my present life-form identity, turning into crysalis soup, and not emerging again until I had turned into something completely different. Today things have bounced up again.

Call for help in exploring the landscape of change

Today I tweeted "I'm looking for fellow explorers, map makers, and social media people to help me map out the #LandscapeOfChange Pls RT"

I believe we live in such rapdily changing times that many of us have to find our own way - because there are no well trodden paths to follow. So we are all explorers, making our own little forays out into this unknown landscape of change.

Witchcraft, Microfinance, Sulabh Toilets, Kafanchan Bandwidth Consortium

These were the topics John updated us on in the last week of January in emails and at our UK-Nigeria Dadamac meeting

Emails from John - social protection/witch-craft and other updates


Sulabh Toilets

Kafanchan Bandwidth Consortium

Goats and running water

Outputs, Outcomes and

Last week at The Challenge of Measuring Social Impact at Hub Westminster I asked about the difference between outputs and outcomes. As I now understand it outputs are the kind of things you can easily put onto tick lists - e.g. "How many people came on the course?". Outcomes are more subtle, may be unpredictable, and often take years to emerge. 

UK-Nigeria meeting: witchcraft, sick child, plastic recycling, solar projects.

Integrated community development at Fantsuam is a continual dance between immediate needs and longer term plans and projects. Today was a holiday, but community needs still demanded John Dada’s attention, repeatedly calling him away from our weekly UK-Nigeria Dadamac meeting.


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