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Thought dancing

Thought-dancing is like real physical dancing in the way that some people love to do it, and some people don't - and that's fine. Like "real dancing" thought-dancing is best experienced rather than described, but I'm going to try anyway. I'm going to describe the kind of thought-dancing that I do with the partner who led me to think of the term. It's not a discussion, It's something more expressive, exploratory and free-form.

In response to David Pinto's question about audience.

David Pinto wrote: "As background 'research' for my book I sought out a film I have seen a while back, Two For The Money, with Al Pacino. Great movie, in my opinion (snip). However, the film didn't do that well, and the critical response is poor, at least from the IMDB site. SO I am definitely out of sorts with mainstream opinion.

Explorers Emerging in Landscape of Change

I've found some other "explorers" this week. I've discovered that I simply need to ask.

Introducing the idea

When my ideas about the "Landscape of Change" started to emerge, all I wanted from people was feedback on the reality and usefulness of the concept. It didn't take me long to discover that the concept did make sense - but then I wasn't sure what to do about it. That was back in 2011.

Celebrating my crazy-sane friends and contacts

This is an appreciation and celebration of the crazy-sane people I know. I'm not naming any - but I'm reflecting on them. I'm exploring facets of their personalities, considering why I include them in the category of crazy-sane, what I mean by it, and why I treasure them.

Unreasonable people

The "crazy-sanes" I know are "unreasonable" people. I don't mean that they lack reason (some are full of reason and logical thought). I mean unreasonable in the sense of the George Bernard Shaw quote:


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