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Overheard on the 227 - Thanks Michael Rosen

I read a book by Michael Rosen which illustrated that there is poetry in everyday language - if you listen out for it. So I listened - and sure enough - I heard some as I was travelling on the 227 bus. It was late on a Thursday afternoon. Two weary women were sitting in front of me, chatting to each other and I couldn't help hearing what they said.

When I got off the bus I wrote down their words so I wouldn't forget.

The first section was spoken by one woman; the second was the response of her companion.


Cost of living comparisons

I've been reading Ben De Vries' update on Facebook and the conversation following it (posted on his timeline on May 5th at approximately 8am GMT) - and found it very enlightening. It started as a comparison of costs of living in USA and Greece, then went into other realities, and explored myths such as "everyone in the USA is rich".

Truth is more complex than soundbites and headlines. Real comparisons are very hard to make.

Trivia - 2013-04-26

A friend is influencing me to bring more of myself to my writing. He suggests I should use Tumblr and write "to myself" - in a more "unthought out"' way than I usually write. I want to show him that I appreciate his opinion and suggestions, but I'm rubbish at moving into new online spaces, so I'll stay here for now.

What should I write

(hmm - he'll pick me up on my use of the word 'should")

"Should" - that reminds me of a conversation yesterday

Social innovators, social entrepreneurs, and working "for free"

As I see it I'm a social innovator - but not yet a social entrepreneur. Given that "social entrepreneurship" is a comparatively recent concept, its meaning is still somewhat fluid. I'll therefore explain how I'm using these terms for the purpose of this extended blog, and what I mean by the difference. Then I'll explore some organisational models, including ones where people work "for free", and see what lessons I can learn.

Identity Issues and Hub Westminster Videos

Brian Griffin at Hub Westminster is encouraging all the "Hubbers" to get in the habit of making a brief video every month. The first one should say who we are, why we're at the Hub, and some good things from the previous month - and if we turn up this Wednesday Brian'll help us to make it. Hence these thoughts about the kind of thing I might say.

Who am I?

I'm a social innovator and analyst, and I work in collaboration with others under the name of Dadamac.


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