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2014 was a time of reflection in Dadamac and now you can see the results. The main thing you'll notice is an end to blogging here at and two new websites instead.

The new home for updates from Africa.

If you're looking for updates about John Dada's work at Fantsuam Foundation, or anything else about Dadamac's UK-Africa connections then go straight to Dadamac Foundation -

First Thursday Meeting Updates

The First Thursday Group has now moved to the Kabissa Forum in the category dadamac  We are experimenting with the format. One of the problems with the one-hour meetings we used to do was finding a time that suited eveyone's time-zone, especially when the group included people from the USA, instead of just Europe and Africa.

The information above is a 2015 update, the information below was how it used to be.

Reflections on #dadamac 2015 Jan 10th-16th

As I woke up today (January 17th) I realised that it was exactly one week since our event "Africa-UK Connections  in Practice - New Approaches for 2015"  so I began this blog. Thinking back at all that has happened I recalled that exactly this time last week (nearly 8.30 am) John Dada and I (the "Dada" and "mac" of Dadamac) were on our way to Hub Westminster.

I pressed save.

#dadamac connect - 13 Jan 2015

A day in my life in Dadamac Connect .... (times to nearest 1/4 hour)

8.15 - Dadamac UK-Nigeria meeting

10.30 - Debrief and planning with Nikki

1.30 - Apologetic email to organiser of Royal Africa Society event (2-4pm)

2.00 - Left home

3.00 - Arrived RAS Event - glad I made it

5.30 Arrived HubW

5.45 HubW DIY kitchen -met (new contact)  who told me about Meetup for wordpress users - I need to register

6.15 Andrius Kulikauskas on Skype asking how January 10th  went

2015: Happy Connected New Year (and Africa-UK Connections in Practice)

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Connected New Year and inviting you to share it with us. Dadamac is leaping into 2015 with an event at Westminster Hub called "Africa-UK Connections in Practice" on January 10th. Afterwards we'll use the the Kabissa forum to act on whatever comes out of the January 10th event. 

Dadamac Connect - its connections and launch

Dadamac Connect connects people, organisations and ideas. It was co-founded by Nicola (Nikki) Fishman and me (Pamela McLean) on September 1st 2014. It has the same DNA as our earlier Dadamac work (visible in part through but Dadamac Connect is more clearly defined. It connects many initiatives Nichola and I have  been involved in previously, together and separately. Some are visible at some happened elsewhere. 

Why Dadamac knows where it's going - but can't say where it begins or ends.

Dadamac knows where it's going, but it's hard to say where it begins and ends (which is why the idea of tidying up the organisation in future with Holacracy is so appealing - see Dadamac Holacracy Lite).

To make sense of Dadamac it's simplest to start in the middle, which is easy to find, because I'm at the middle of Dadamac.

Learning, doing and dancing in Dadamac

I love dancing. I also love learning new things - but only if I'm interested, and I like to learn in my own way. Maybe it's because I'm curious and I'm a confident self-direct learner, or maybe it's that I'm too lazy, or contrary, to learn stuff that someone else has decided I need to learn. Whatever the reason I find myself in Dadamac continually jumping between "doing stuff" and "needing to learn how", and I have come to see my learning as a dance.

In this Dadamac learning-by-doing dance my life skips between:


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