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Wednesday Meeting Treats!

Once again,Yesterday's online meeting between the UK and Nigeria did not fail to disappoint. As well as addressing the items on the agenda in an informal but business-like way, we had two welcomed treats.

The first treat

 When the team was discussing permaculture and the kitchen garden at Ungwar Masara, the UK were thrilled to be sent a recent video (via Skype chat and from a mobile phone) showing the 850 Jatropa seedlings. These have sinced been moved into the shade to protect them from the current hot conditions that our friends at Fantuam are currently experiencing. The rains are expected in the coming weeks and the seedlings will then be planted so we are hoping that not too many seedlings perish in the interim.

Some of our Nigerian member also shared with the UK, their plans for adopting their own kitchen gardens.

Permaculture, and sustainable local food production is an issue that the Dadamac teams are keen to investigate together.
For additional information about how we plan to do this please read Pam's earlier blog about Kitchen gardens and Jatropha.

The second treat

When we were discussing 'any other business', Bala Bidi (the ZittNet Manager at Fantsuam) shared his interest in exploring how wind energy could be harnessed by installing a small wind turbine on the mast. Cicely, A VSO volunteer, mentioned that she has a friend who is an expert in this field.The outcome of the discussion being that an Appropriate Power Special Interest Group be set up. (This is now currently being established on Dadamac Moodle).

Possible future collaboration

Photo feedback loop

This is how our feedback works

Marcus Simmons taught about mulching on a permaculture training course.


Back in the UK he asked for feedback.

Feedback was requested during a Dadamac UK-Nigeria team-meeting

This photo was sent back to the UK

Learning about Permaculture

A continued focus of our weekly online UK/Nigeria meetings has been the subject of permaculture.

This was not a word or principle I had come across often in my day-to-day life in South London.

However over the past two years I have been lucky enough to begin to learn more about it -  and to appreciate the importance of designing the proposed model farm at Attachab along the principles it dictates.

Global Connections!

Wednesday's weekly online meeting linking the Dadamac UK office with its sister organisation Fantsuam Foundation took place as usual - but with an unexpected (and welcome) twist!

In addition to the regular connection between the UK and rural Nigeria, we also established a link with the Streaming, Sharing and Learning workshop in Vienna.

How did this come about? Well, the meeting followed its tried and tested path of discussing the agenda - covering topics as varied as the provision of footballs with bells to aid blind players to a  major issue of permaculture.

However, when we reached any other business, were were joined by Pam and some her fellow participants who are attending a workshop in Vienna.

First Wednesday Meeting of 2010

Wow, what a start to the New Year!

Although it had been a few weeks since our last UK-Nigeria online meeting (due to connectivity issues and holidays) I was quickly reminded again how thrilled I am to be involved with this dynamic group of people.

Although these meetings with Fantsuam are arranged for the same time and day each week, they are never routine, dull or a chore.

Fish Farming

Until recently my experience with fish had been limited, to say the least. In all honesty, it had consisted of watching my children win goldfish at a fair - and the occasional cod and chips supper!

However over the last 18 months the subject of fish farming has captured my attention and I have been lucky enough to have my eyes opened to the many and varied challenges involved. (Although I'll be the first to admit I still have a great deal more to learn!)

Last Wednesday Meeting of 2009!

Yesterday saw the last scheduled meeting of 2009 between the UK-Nigeria team.

The main item on the agenda was to thank everyone for their continued commitment to these meetings and for all their hard work during the past year.


We also wanted to reflect on the successes we had shared and explore together any aspects of our collaboration which might be improved upon in the coming year. We also hoped to clarify what should be our first objectives togeher for the New Year.


In the event, the meeting departed from its usual Skype format involving all members together because of technical difficulties which caused a time delay between the UK and Nigeria. However, the UK  team was able to meet as usual and to go through the agenda items together. This main meeting was supported by sms messages, emails and individual Skypes to our colleagues in Nigeria. One advantage of using Skype is that usually the messages will eventually be seen by all. Let's hope that is the case here!


Close Collaborations

I’ve been struck by the high quality of collaboration demonstrated in the regular UK-Nigeria meetings, so thought I’d say a few words about this in this week’s blog.

I’m talking not just about the obvious collaboration of these weekly online meetings between the UK and Nigerian teams - but also the more subtle and equally important collaboration between Pam and her network.


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