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Dadamac goes Glocal!

Dadamac Day 2010 marked our sixth anniversary celebration and took as its theme the issue of global involvement in local initiatives.

It was an exciting event for us, held “virtually” at Dadamac’s physical home in Nigeria, the Knowledge Resource Centre. The seventeen participants included guests from the wider Dadamac community. Local attendees ranged from Programme Directors to trainers and students from Fantsuam (who were inside the KRC, sharing computers). Other contributors came from Ireland, the UK, Benin and Lagos. A webcam linkup between Nigeria and the UK proved an enjoyable way to mark the end of our celebrations.  

Every Dadamac Day is different.

Way back in 2005 we were simply celebrating the fact that we could get online in real time! That year’s event marked the year following Pam’s visit to Nigeria, when she presented the first Teacher Talking course. It was fantastic on the subsequent Dadamac Days to connect with some of the same teachers who were by then in various locations. Some returned to FF in order to get online. It was appropriate that the first course Pam taught in the newly-built KRC was for “Self-Directed Learners” in 2008 since this year’s Dadamac Day saw the KRC celebrating its potential future as a truly glocal information centre.

Last year the UK held a live Skype conference at Barcamp Africa, where a audio link-up allowed us to hear a local Nigerian choir sing. No one knows yet how we will mark next year’s anniversary . . . but I can tell you one thing. I am confident it will be suitably celebrated!

Meeting the financial needs of the Poor

John Dada
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From: John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation: Date November 2010 11:15

Subject: Meeting the financial needs of poor people

"One of our major partners, VSO Nigeria has asked us to submit comments on the ongoing DGID- World Bank consultations about how to strengthen the microfinance sector to meet the financial needs of poor people. The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and World Bank are finalising plans to set up a Microfinance Capacity Building Facility for Sub-Saharan Africa, known as MICFAC.

Releated Project: 

Fantsuam's Integrated development

New mast going up
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John has kindly sent me this update about Fantsuam's Foundations' approach to integrated development - as written by Bot Chollom. 

Chollom is himself an integral part of the Zittnett, Fantsuam and the Dadamac team.

" In fulfilment of its Mission to eliminate poverty and disadvantage through INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT programs, Fantsuam ensures that its various programs also compliment each other.

This is the season for each department to work out its programs, work plans and budgets for the next year, and each of the profit making services has pledged to contribute a percentage of its earnings to support the social  non-proft earning services of the Foundation.

It was ZittNet that set the pace by providing 50% subsidy towards the monthly internet bills of the for all the FF departments. This has enabled the departments to make substantial savings. For the next year budget, ZittNet will be the Department to beat with its record subsidy of 50% in its internet costs.

Developing the Knowledge Resource Centre

Organising the 6th Dadamac Day anniversary celebrations took up the majority of the allotted hour for this week’s UK-nigeria meeting.
The theme agreed upon was “ Dadamac goes Glocal” and was to be focused around the Knowledge Resource Centre at Fantsuam Foundation.

Diagnostic lab for rural Nigeria.


Following their successful screening of over 5,000 children for Sickle Cell disease, Fantsuam Foundation has now decided to construct its own rural diagnostic laboratory. Building started last week.

Located at Ungwan Masara, in Kaduna state, Nigeria, this facility, when fully equipped, will serve a rural population of over 600,000 within a 55km radius.

This significant initiative will be a befitting milestone to mark the celebrations of the 5th Dadamac Day which is to be held this Thursday, 4th November.


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