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The UK-Nigeria meeting enabled an hour of information exchange with the arrangement that more updates were to follow during the week.

John informed us that he is still waiting for the government to enable the delivery of the tractor. Furthermore, the arrival of the ‘Bamboo builders’ was delayed because of the need to find a convenient house for them near to Attachab. We were told that a house had been found and following some renovations should be available at end of the week. Reubens, the supervisor will arrive on Saturday, and the bamboo should arrive by Monday.

The worrying spectre of Climate Change raised its head at this weeks meeting. We learned from John that the vital rains have been coming later and lasting for longer. The local implications being that crops are failing, grain prices are rising, and there will be a detrimental knock-on effect on nutrition.
We also heard that the area has already had a brief rain which was very early and of no use to plant crops so there is real local concern.
Sickle Cell:

Bush Fire at Attachab

This week at the UK-Nigeria meeting some of the benefits of a typed Skype meeting were demonstrated. Namely, that team members were able to join from different sites and Kelechi who had to urgently leave to assess the damage of a bush fire at Attachab was able to read the archive and join the meeting later.

Community Health Committees in Rural Nigeria

Training was once again a top topic at this week’s UK-Nigeria meeting. It is in fact an intrinsic part of Fantsuam Foundation - be it computer training at the Academy or health education or teaching staff to take blood samples from 5,000 children to screen for Sickle Cell Disease.


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