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Care of the Elderly in Rural Nigeria

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During this week's UK-Nigeria meeting John Dada forwarded his and Teresa Tafida's June 2014 report about Care of the Elderly in rural Nigeria.

As a health care professional working in the elderly in the UK with it's own challenges, I feel that never before has it been so important to link the local and the global expertise, knowlege and resources for the benefit of the elderly - no matter where in the world they reside. The existence of the internet has provided us all with a real opportunity to help enable us to achieve this.

Care of the Elderly: Experience from Fantsuam Foundation, Kafanchan, Nigeria.

The Kakas Senior Citizens Service at Fantsuam Foundation started small, in the typical Fantsuam style. The program was a response of a need in our host communities that were faced with a situation in which grandparents had to look after increasing numbers of grandchildren who had been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS scourge.

Challenges, Opportunities & Innovation

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An exciting new Collaboration between GlobelNet21, Impact Hub Westminster and Dadamac is taking place on Monday 25th November here in the UK and the best bit of all is that John Dada will be joining us with two of his many hats on: namely that of Founder and CEO of Fantsuam and of Director of Dadamac. To join us at Hub Westminster you can register either via Globalnet21 meetuups or via Eventbrite

World Health Day at Fantsuam, Nigeria

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The following report is written by their Founder/Director John Dada.

The elderly care program of Fantsuam Foundation, known as KAKAS (grandmothers) was initiated about 6 years ago to support grandmothers who were taking care of their orphaned grandchildren. The service now supports 126 grandmothers with a monthly stipend, free medical treatment, nutritional care and home-based care.

On April 07th 2013, 48 Kakas met at Fantsuam Foundation farm to mark the World Health Day. The theme of Hypertension was particularly relevant for the group: the host community for this service records and average of a new stroke every three months. The highlight of the day’s program were the brief explanation of causes and care of hypertension in the elderly, followed by a spirited discussion led by Mrs Boko on local wisdom and natural remedies. A drink of Zobo (Sorel) was served as refreshment. All the Kakas who attended had their blood pressure taken by the health staff and those who had treatable ailments were provided with free treatment at the Fantsuam clinic.

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Adieu for now!

After more than four wonderful years involved with Dadamac, I’m sorry to announce that I will be putting my weekly blogs on hold.

Of course, the weekly UK-Nigeria meetings will continue, but I’m afraid I won’t have time to file my regular reports and round-ups since I must    now turn my attentions to a new social enterprise, Collage Network. This project, which helps people in the UK utilise their skills to find and create employment, is in its embryonic stages and will entail a lot of effort to get fully off the ground.
Please know that Dadamac and Fantsuam Foundation will always be in my head and heart, and I will greatly miss my regular contact with Pamela McLean, John Dada, Frances, Comfort and of course the fantastic staff of Fantsuam Foundation.

My sincere hope is that both Dadamac and Fantsuam Foundation will benefit from the future success of Collage Network. In the meantime I intend to keep up-to-date with what is happening with you all and, if there’s anything I can do, I’ll do my very best to help!

(Photo from Fantsuam and shows the old Health Centre)

Bossan's Story

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Originally uploaded by Dadamac Community

Our weekly UK - Nigeria meetings are never ‘routine’ and I invariably find them a humbling reality check. I also often find it frustrating to hear of John’s inspiring efforts in valiantly trying to support members of his impoverished host community, since I believe there are individuals and organisations who - were they aware of his fine track record of delivery and the dire needs he is addressing - would be only too happy to help. This week was no exception.

Reflections on visit to Kafanchan

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Frances, from the Fantsuam Foundation Leeds office, has just returned from a visit to Nigeria and has generously agreed to sharing her reflections of her trip with us.

"The weather was lovely. Much cooler than I thought it would be but we did have torrential thunder storms as well. The rain on the metal roof of the main house was deafening. I just wished it would stop! The doorway to the
bathroom in the big mud hut started to collapse as the rain soaked through
the walls. Fortunately we had decided to decamp to the house next door in
time. Other people were not so lucky and we could see collapsed houses in
the villages. Another expense for people who are already poor.

Fantsuam seemed quieter than when I have been before. The number of staff
has had to be reduced due to financial constraints as a result of the violence
last year. For example, there are no staff solely attached to the Gaiya project
(which recruited and trained volunteers) but volunteers will be recruited for
any specific activity that is planned. In addition staff who have benefited from
the experience and training they have received at Fantsuam have also left

Kazanka & women entrepreneurs

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It is fitting that last week here in Croydon was Enterprise week and this week is Global enterprise week as during the last UK-Nigeria meeting we were all reminded how Fantsuam Foundation grew in response to the needs of the local women traders.

Frances who has been a UK based supporter of Fantsuam has just returned from vsiting John Dada and the team and shared with us her abbreviated history which tells how microfinance arrived at Fantsuam.

Fantsuam Foundation: An Abbreviated History by Frances

The very early beginnings:

John Dada first came to Kafanchan in 1972 to work in a school after he had completed his A levels and before starting at university. Kafanchan is in the central part of Nigeria in an area known as Southern Kaduna . It is about one  and a half hours drive from the city of Jos where John was born and brought up. Very near Kafanchan is the village of Bayan Loco, which means 'place of the locomotive', as this used to be a former railway centre. 

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A typical UK - Nigeria Meeting

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This week I thought that I would give an insight into the 'nuts and bolts' of our weekly meetings. Below is an example of a typical agenda which we use for these meetings. It demonstrates the breadth and depth of what we cover in an hour.

The photo was sent in by Fola the Manager of the Dadamac Outpost in Ago-Are.

Looking forward

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The topics covered during this week’s hour long UK-Nigeria skype meeting ranged from recycling waste plastic water sachet to the Kafanchan market- Pay-As-You-Use toilets.
As the end of this year approaches, John Dada is already keen to look at Fantsuam Foundation’s objectives for 2013.
Some time was spent discussing how best to move forward with the development of Fantsuam Foundation’s website and some suggestions were made together with the decision to look into the costs involved.
On the subject of the recycling plastic project Pamela Mclean reported that she had met Linus ( the FF engineer seconded to the UK) yesterday for final farewells and a project update. We were very pleased to hear that Linus had also been able to visit Marcus Simmons before he returned to Nigeria. Linus and Marcus had met at Fantsuam in 2009 when Marcus visited to enable a technology transfer. The building of the ecodome and the straw baler were successfully completed within a very tight timescale.

John’s Objectives for 2013 which will be on the weekly agenda for the coming weeks will be:

Plastic recycling & women entrepreneurs

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This week's UK -Nigeria meeting centered around the current recycling waste plastic project. Fantsuam's engineer, Linus, had recently met the Dadamac UK Team in London and had explained the current situation and shared his hopes for the project on his return to Nigeria on the 20th October.
John Dada of Fantsam Foundation and Ron Denis of DEVTECH are currently finalising the last stages of this phase of this project funded by Comic Relief. The main issue that this project hopes to address is to find a way to recycle the plastic water sachets which are so problematic in the region. A full update will follow once this initial phase is completed.

John was also able to send us photos of the training of women entrepreneurs. I believe that the session is being held in Fantsuam's Knowledge Resource Centre.