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Toilets and gas!!

Market toilets

At the meeting on Tuesday John told us about the latest progress in providing pay-as-you-go  toilets in the new market in Kafanchan. Pam described in her earler blog the Sulabh toilets in India which have many environmetal advantages. These will be the model for the ones in the market in Kafanchan-developed after the old market was burned down during the tragic religious violence of a few years ago.

Market toilets, waste plastic, CISCO costs and the rest of the news from Kafanchan

New blogger in training!

I'm Frances Dada, writing my first blog to report back on the UK-Nigeria Dadamac meeting held last Tuesday, 5th February. I spent three years in Nigeria with VSO in the eighties and have visited Fantsuam Foundation in central Nigeria many times since its beginnings around 2000. I am Fantsuam Foundation's link person in the UK based in Leeds. 


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